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What is it like to be a broke college student in the 21st century? What do they talk about? How do they spend their money? How do they like their eggs? Join us and we will answer all of these questions and many more.


16: Running For Mayor
Show Details38min 19s
15: The Missing Vowel (w/ Mason Hatmaker)
Show Details34min 41s
14: RIP The Goat
Show Details34min 18s
13: Deaf People (w/ Elijah Arender)
Show Details33min 59s
12: THE Chocolate Milk
Show Details33min 22s
11: Negative Calories
Show Details34min 18s
10: Blood Donation (w/ Mason Hatmaker)
Show Details36min 26s
9: Spider Fire
Show Details35min 27s
8: Subway Tattoo
Show Details33min 31s
7: Real Life Battleship
Show Details34min 35s
6: Waffle Home
Show Details32min 37s
5: Baby Tip Jar
Show Details50min 29s
4: Receipt Paper
Show Details57min 29s
3.5: Ridin' Solo
Show Details27min 19s
3: Workplace Disaster
Show Details59min 10s
2: Kicked Out of Class
Show Details1hr 3min
1: Angry Teachers
Show Details55min 47s