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3 Yards Per Carry - Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins, and the NFL as discussed by Simon Clancy, Chris Kouffman, and Alf Arteaga . Official Miami Dolphins Podcast (@3YardsPerCarry on Twitter) of the Five Reasons Sports Network.


3YPC-(WK 12-Texans Preview) Episode 5.316
Show Details32min
3YPC-(WK 12-Look Ahead) Episode 5.315
Show Details37min 31s
3YPC-(WK 11-Bye Week SPECIAL) Episode 5.314
Show Details40min 11s
5RSN Miami Dolphins Midseason *SPECIAL*
Show Details1hr 43min
3YPC-(WK 10-Browns RECAP) Episode 5.313
Show Details54min 45s
THE EXTRA YARD w/ Donno and Troy 11-14-22
Show Details55min 31s
3YPC-(WK 10-Browns Preview) Episode 5.312
Show Details59min 14s
3YPC-(WK 9-Bears RECAP) Episode 5.311
Show Details57min 20s
THE EXTRA YARD w/ Donno and Troy 11-7-22
Show Details48min 38s
THE EXTRA YARD w/ Donno and Troy 11-4-22
Show Details47min 44s
3YPC-(WK 9-Bears Preview) Episode 5.310
Show Details36min 49s
3YPC-(WK 8-CHUBB-Lions RECAP) Episode 5.309
Show Details1hr 13min
3YPC-(WK 8-Lions Preview) Episode 5.308
Show Details35min 33s
3YPC-(Trade Deadline SPECIAL) Episode 5.307
Show Details37min 34s
3YPC-(WK 7-Steelers RECAP) Episode 5.306
Show Details1hr 28min
THE EXTRA YARD w/ Donno and Troy 10-24-22
Show Details45min 39s
3YPC-(WK 7-Steelers Preview) Episode 5.305
Show Details1hr 12min
3YPC-(WK 6-Vikings RECAP) Episode 5.304
Show Details1hr 5min
THE EXTRA YARD w/ Donno and Troy 10-17-22
Show Details57min 16s
3YPC-(WK 6-Vikings Preview) Episode 5.303
Show Details1hr 2min
3YPC-(WK 5-Jets RECAP) Episode 5.302
Show Details51min 48s
THE EXTRA YARD w/ Donno and Troy 10-10-22
Show Details1hr 4min
3YPC-(WK 5-Tua-Jets Preview) Episode 5.301
Show Details1hr 12min
3YPC-(WK 4-Bengals RECAP- Tua) Episode 5.300
Show Details48min 55s
THE EXTRA YARD w/ Donno and Troy 10-3-22
Show Details51min 52s
THE EXTRA YARD w/ Donno and Troy 9-26-22
Show Details50min 35s
3YPC-(WK 3-Bills RECAP-WK 4-Bengals Preview) Episode 5.299
Show Details1hr 6min
3YPC-(WK 3-Bills Preview) Episode 5.298
Show Details39min 28s
3YPC-(WK 2-Ravens RECAP) Episode 5.297
Show Details1hr 17min
THE EXTRA YARD w/ Donno and Troy 9-19-22
Show Details1hr
3YPC-(WK 2-Ravens Preview) Episode 5.296
Show Details59min 53s
3YPC-(WK 1-Pats RECAP) Episode 5.295
Show Details41min 7s
3YPC-(Season-WK 1 Preview-Pats-Fins) Episode 5.294
Show Details1hr 2min
3YPC-(CUTDOWN DAY) Episode 5.293
Show Details1hr 3min
3YPC-(THE 3YPC 53) Episode 5.292
Show Details56min 57s
Show Details45min 33s
Show Details52min 8s
Show Details40min 50s
3YPC-(Fins-Bucs Joint Practices) Episode 5.288
Show Details42min 11s
Show Details2min 57s
3YPC-(Tampering-Camp Talk) Episode 5.287
Show Details1hr 50min
3YPC-(CAMP TALK-DEFENSE) Episode 5.286
Show Details1hr 15min
Show Details54min 27s
3YPC-(Setting the Table for Camp) Episode 5.284
Show Details39min 44s
Show Details1hr 19min
3YPC-(Tua Hate-Bullet Dodged) Episode 5.282
Show Details48min 38s
3YPC-(Roster Overview) Episode 5.281
Show Details51min 53s
3YPC-(Hill Pod-McDaniel) Episode 5.280
Show Details54min 14s
3YPC-(Tua-Twitter-Tyreek) Episode 5.279
Show Details50min
3YPC-(Saban-Ingram-OL) Episode 5.278
Show Details41min 24s
3YPC-(Schedule-Insider Report) Episode 5.277
Show Details1hr 11min
3YPC-(NFL DRAFT RECAP) Episode 5.276
Show Details1hr 35min
3YPC-(NFL DRAFT GUIDE) Episode 5.275
Show Details3hr 21min
3YPC-(NFL DRAFT-DL-LB-DB) Episode 5.274
Show Details1hr 20min
3YPC-(NFL DRAFT-OL) Episode 5.273
Show Details42min
3YPC-(NFL DRAFT-WR-TE) Episode 5.272
Show Details43min 36s
3YPC-(NFL DRAFT-RB) Episode 5.271
Show Details41min 23s
3YPC-(NFL DRAFT-QB) Episode 5.270
Show Details42min 59s
3YPC-(Progress Report) Episode 5.269
Show Details1hr 4min
3YPC-(BIG TRADE-Armstead) Episode 5.268
Show Details50min 37s
3YPC-(Free Agency Report) Episode 5.267
Show Details1hr 5min
3YPC-(Russ-FA-Combine) Episode 5.266
Show Details1hr 17min
3YPC-(McDaniel-Offseason) Episode 5.265
Show Details57min 4s
3YPC-(SB Recap-McDaniel Staff) Episode 4.264
Show Details1hr 7min
3YPC-(Mike McDaniel) Episode 4.263
Show Details1hr 26min
3YPC-(Brian Flores Lawsuit) Episode 4.262
Show Details1hr 11min
Show Details32min 48s
3YPC-(HC Search cont.) Episode 4.260
Show Details1hr 12min
3YPC-(HC Interviews) Episode 4.259
Show Details38min 58s
3YPC-(Head Coach Search) Episode 4.258
Show Details1hr 10min
3YPC-(Brian Flores FIRED) Episode 4.257
Show Details49min 6s
3YPC-(WK 18-Patriots Preview) Episode 4.256
Show Details1hr 13min
3YPC-(WK 17-Titans Recap) Episode 4.255
Show Details2hr 1min
3YPC-(WK 17-Titans Preview) Episode 4.254
Show Details1hr 13min
3YPC-(WK 16-Saints Recap) Episode 4.253
Show Details38min 13s
3YPC-(WK 16-Saints Preview) Episode 4.252
Show Details1hr 13min
3YPC-(WK 15-Jets Recap) Episode 4.251
Show Details39min 16s
3YPC-(WK 15-Jets Preview) Episode 4.250
Show Details39min 32s
3YPC-(WK 13-Giants Recap-BYE WEEK) Episode 4.249
Show Details1hr 5min
3YPC-(WK 13-Giants Preview) Episode 4.248
Show Details40min 51s
3YPC-(WK 12-Panthers Recap) Episode 4.247
Show Details39min 18s
3YPC-(WK 12-SPECIAL-Recap-Panthers Preview) Episode 4.246
Show Details1hr 55min
3YPC-(WK 11-Jets Preview) Episode 4.245
Show Details1hr 12min
3YPC-(WK 10-Ravens RECAP) Episode 4.244
Show Details41min 41s
3YPC-(WK 10-OL-Ravens Preview) Episode 4.243
Show Details1hr 10min
3YPC-(WK 9-WATSON-Texans Preview) Episode 4.242
Show Details37min 43s
3YPC-(WK 8-Trade Deadline-Bills RECAP) Episode 4.241
Show Details48min 31s
3YPC-(WK 8-WATSON-Bills Preview) Episode 4.240
Show Details40min 40s
3YPC-(WK 7-Falcons RECAP) Episode 4.239
Show Details44min 37s
3YPC-(WK 7-WATSON-Falcons Preview) Episode 4.238
Show Details57min 7s
3YPC-(WK 6-Jags RECAP) Episode 4.237
Show Details1hr 24min
3YPC-(WK 6-Jags Preview) Episode 4.236
Show Details48min 22s
3YPC-(WK 5-Bucs RECAP) Episode 4.235
Show Details1hr 9min
3YPC-(WK 5-Bucs Preview) Episode 4.234
Show Details42min 16s
3YPC-(WK 4-Colts RECAP) Episode 4.233
Show Details1hr 4min
3YPC-(WK 4-Colts Preview) Episode 4.232
Show Details38min 57s
3YPC-(WK 3-Raiders RECAP) Episode 4.231
Show Details1hr 2min
3YPC-(WK 3-Raiders Preview) Episode 4.230
Show Details44min
3YPC-(WK 2-Bills RECAP) Episode 4.229
Show Details44min 3s
3YPC-(WK 2-Bills Preview) Episode 4.228
Show Details46min 15s
3YPC-(WK 1-Pats RECAP) Episode 4.227
Show Details42min 10s
3YPC-(WK 1-Pats Preview) Episode 4.226
Show Details36min 22s
3YPC- (2021 SEASON PREVIEW) Episode 4.225
Show Details1hr 17min
3YPC- (53 MAN ROSTER) Episode 4.224
Show Details45min 7s
3YPC- (Fins-Bengals-Watson-Cuts) Episode 4.223
Show Details1hr 15min
3YPC- (Camp Wk5-Bengals Preview) Episode 4.222
Show Details36min 53s
3YPC- (Fins-Falcons Recap) Episode 4.221
Show Details50min 10s
3YPC- (Camp Wk4-Falcons Preview) Episode 4.220
Show Details1hr 1min
3YPC- (Fins-Bears Recap) Episode 4.219
Show Details45min 24s
3YPC- (Camp Wk3-Bears Preview) Episode 4.218
Show Details56min 20s
3YPC- (Camp Report Wk2) Episode 4.217
Show Details46min 21s
3YPC- (Camp-X Trade Demand) Episode 4.216
Show Details39min 12s
Show Details37min 30s
Show Details42min 26s
3YPC- (Roster Predictions) Episode 4.213
Show Details35min 47s
3YPC- (X Holdout-Expectations) Episode 4.212
Show Details38min
3YPC- (Listener Q&A) Episode 4.211
Show Details1hr 3min
3YPC- (2021 DOLPHINS ROSTER) Episode 4.210
Show Details55min 35s
3YPC- (2021 DOLPHINS SCHEDULE) Episode 4.209
Show Details1hr 1min
3YPC- (2021 NFL DRAFT RECAP SHOW) Episode 4.208
Show Details1hr 15min
3YPC- (2021 NFL DRAFT PREVIEW) Episode 4.207
Show Details52min 23s
3YPC- (2021 MOCK DRAFT) Episode 4.206
Show Details1hr 10min
3YPC- (DRAFT GUIDE-LB-QB) Episode 4.205
Show Details51min 10s
3YPC- (DRAFT GUIDE-CB-S) Episode 4.204
Show Details42min 7s
3YPC- (DRAFT GUIDE-RB) Episode 4.203
Show Details45min 18s
3YPC- (DRAFT GUIDE-EDGE-DL) Episode 4.202
Show Details41min 45s
3YPC- (DRAFT GUIDE-TE-OL) Episode 4.201
Show Details56min 22s
3YPC- (DRAFT GUIDE-WR-PART 2) Episode 4.200
Show Details53min 54s
3YPC- (DRAFT GUIDE-WR-PART 1) Episode 4.199
Show Details40min 1s
3YPC- (EMERGENCY POD-Draft Trades)
Show Details15min 26s
3YPC- (Draft Season Kickoff) Episode 4.198
Show Details53min 39s
3YPC- (Full Free Agency RECAP) Episode 4.197
Show Details40min
3YPC- (WR Market) Episode 4.196
Show Details23min 6s
3YPC- (Early Free Agency Recap) Episode 4.195
Show Details37min 10s
3YPC- (Free Agency PRIMER) Episode 4.194
Show Details53min 8s
3YPC- (Isaiah Wilson-Q&A) Episode 4.193
Show Details39min 40s
3YPC- (Free Agent WR Class) Episode 4.192
Show Details41min 3s
3YPC- (KVN-Replacement) Episode 4.191
Show Details39min 36s
3YPC- (Aaron Jones-RB's) Episode 4.190
Show Details41min 40s
3YPC- (Free Agent Q&A) Episode 4.189
Show Details38min 53s
3YPC- (Dolphin Free Agents) Episode 4.188
Show Details36min 15s
3YPC- (Roster Evaluation-Defense) Episode 4.187
Show Details43min 42s
3YPC- (Season FINALE) Episode 3.186
Show Details40min 8s
3YPC- (SB WEEK SPECIAL) Episode 3.185
Show Details1hr 33min
3YPC- (Senior Bowl Practices) Episode 3.184
Show Details1hr 2min
3YPC-(Roster Evaluation-Offense) Episode 3.183
Show Details1hr 17min
3YPC-(Watson-Tua-OC) Episode 3.182
Show Details1hr 9min
3YPC-(WK 17-Bills-Season RECAP) Episode 3.181
Show Details1hr 10min
3YPC-(WK 17-Raiders Recap-Bills Preview) Episode 3.180
Show Details1hr 14min
3YPC-(WK 16-Pats Recap-Raiders Preview) Episode 3.179
Show Details1hr 3min
3YPC-(WK 15-Patriots Preview) Episode 3.178
Show Details43min 18s
3YPC-(WK 14-Chiefs RECAP) Episode 3.177
Show Details52min 23s
3YPC-(WK 14-Chiefs Preview) Episode 3.176
Show Details48min 51s
3YPC-(WK 13-Bengals RECAP) Episode 3.175
Show Details1hr
3YPC-(WK 13-Bengals Preview) Episode 3.174
Show Details57min 36s
3YPC-(WK 12-Jets RECAP) Episode 3.173
Show Details58min 44s
3YPC-(WK 12-Jets Preview) Episode 3.172
Show Details22min 34s
3YPC-(WK 11-Broncos RECAP) Episode 3.171
Show Details37min 12s
3YPC-(WK 11-Broncos Preview) Episode 3.170
Show Details34min 48s
3YPC-(WK 10-Chargers RECAP) Episode 3.169
Show Details53min 10s
3YPC-(WK 10-Chargers Preview) Episode 3.168
Show Details43min 2s
3YPC-(WK 9-Cardinals RECAP) Episode 3.167
Show Details39min 58s
3YPC-(WK 9-Cardinals Preview) Episode 3.166
Show Details1hr 7min
3YPC-(WK 8-Rams RECAP) Episode 3.165
Show Details42min 45s
3YPC-(WK 8-Rams Preview) Episode 3.164
Show Details59min 19s
3YPC-(TUA WEEK-NFL) Episode 3.163
Show Details51min 43s
3YPC-(SPECIAL-TUA) Episode 3.162
Show Details46min 55s
3YPC-(WK 6-Jets RECAP) Episode 3.161
Show Details52min 24s
3YPC-(WK 6-Jets Preview) Episode 3.160
Show Details38min 14s
3YPC-(WK 5-49ers RECAP) Episode 3.159
Show Details43min 53s
3YPC-(WK 5- 49ers Preview) Episode 3.158
Show Details46min 32s
3YPC-(WK 4-Seahawks RECAP) Episode 3.157
Show Details38min 23s
3YPC-(WK 4-Seahawks Preview) Episode 3.156
Show Details27min 37s
3YPC-(WK 3-Jags RECAP) Episode 3.155
Show Details39min 20s
3YPC-(WK 3-Jags Preview) Episode 3.154
Show Details31min 52s
3YPC-(WK 2-Bills RECAP) Episode 3.153
Show Details40min 56s
3YPC-(WK 2-Bills Preview) Episode 3.152
Show Details45min 23s
3YPC-(WK 1-Pats RECAP) Episode 3.151
Show Details28min 55s
3YPC-(WK 1-Pats Preview) Episode 3.150
Show Details59min 56s
3YPC-(Miami Dolphins Roster) Episode 3.149
Show Details58min 51s
3YPC-(Camp Report #2) Episode 3.148
Show Details59min 24s
3YPC-(Camp Report #1) Episode 3.147
Show Details40min 38s
Show Details56min 8s
3YPC-(Offseason Banter) Episode 3.145
Show Details37min 18s
3YPC-(Dolphins News) Episode 3.144
Show Details39min 48s
3YPC-(Camp Talk-Q&A) Episode 3.143
Show Details40min 51s
3YPC-(Start Up-Cam-Q&A) Episode 3.142
Show Details1hr 12min
3YPC-(Offseason Talk) Episode 3.141
Show Details1hr 1min
3YPC-(Listener Q&A) Episode 3.140
Show Details1hr 10min
3YPC-(Looking Forward SPECIAL) Episode 3.139
Show Details1hr 22min
3YPC-(Roster Bottom) Episode 3.138
Show Details1hr 8min
3YPC-(UDFA's-TUA) Episode 3.137
Show Details51min 56s
3YPC-(DON SHULA) Episode 3.136
Show Details41min 38s
3YPC-(DRAFT DAY 2-3 REACTION) Episode 3.135
Show Details1hr 16min
3YPC-(DRAFT DAY 1 REACTION) Episode 3.134
Show Details53min 20s
3YPC-(2020 PRE-DRAFT SHOW) Episode 3.133
Show Details1hr 3min
3YPC-(2020 NFL DRAFT PREVIEW-PART 2) Episode 3.132
Show Details1hr 32min
3YPC-(2020 NFL DRAFT PREVIEW-PART 1) Episode 3.131
Show Details1hr 39min
3YPC-(Burrow-NFL Talk) Episode 3.130
Show Details39min 50s
3YPC-(Brady-Mock Draft) Episode 3.129
Show Details1hr 5min
3YPC-(BIG FREE AGENCY DAY) Episode 3.128
Show Details37min 19s
Show Details1hr 24min
3YPC-(Scouting Combine Recap) Episode 3.126
Show Details32min 55s
3YPC-(Scouting Combine Preview) Episode 3.125
Show Details48min 4s
3YPC-(Offseason Plan) Episode 3.124
Show Details1hr 4min
3YPC-(SEASON FINALE) Episode 2.123
Show Details48min 54s
Show Details42min 48s
3YPC-(Kobe-Senior Bowl Recap) Episode 2.121
Show Details48min 2s
Show Details57min 23s
3YPC-(Exodus-Championship Sunday) Episode 2.119
Show Details48min 22s
3YPC-(Tua Declares-Dead Pats) Episode 2.118
Show Details1hr 20min
3YPC-(YEAR END SPECIAL) Episode 2.117
Show Details1hr 36min
3YPC-(Fins Draft-AFC East) Episode 2.116
Show Details53min 57s
3YPC-(Snub-Picks-Young) Episode 2.115
Show Details58min 50s
3YPC-(Fins-Young-Scheme) Episode 2.114
Show Details36min 30s
3YPC-(PLAN B- QB's) Episode 2.113
Show Details33min 57s
3YPC-(Fins Review - Title Games) Episode 2.112
Show Details1hr 6min
3YPC-(Presser-QB Class) Episode 2.111
Show Details44min 43s
3YPC-(Parker-Gesicki-Wins) Episode 2.110
Show Details48min 44s
3YPC-(NFL Chat-QB Draft) Episode 2.109
Show Details1hr 7min
3YPC-(Tua Injury-Dolphins) Episode 2.108
Show Details47min 9s
3YPC-(Flores-Win Streak) Episode 2.107
Show Details30min 37s
3YPC-(Fins-Colts-QB Review) Episode 2.106
Show Details1hr 9min
3YPC-(BAMA-LSU Prospects) Episode 2.105
Show Details42min 53s
3YPC-(Fins Win-Tank) Episode 2.104
Show Details47min 26s
3YPC-(Chase Young-Jets) Episode 2.103
Show Details37min 19s
3YPC-(NFL Trade Deadline) Episode 2.102
Show Details46min 39s
3YPC-(Rumor-Flores-Steelers) Episode 2.101
Show Details41min 8s
3YPC-(Bills-QB Review-100) Episode 2.100
Show Details52min 20s
3YPC-(News-QB Review) Episode 2.99
Show Details1hr 3min
3YPC-(Tua Bowl-NFL) Episode 2.98
Show Details47min 42s
3YPC-(Big Game-POTW) Episode 2.97
Show Details39min 40s
3YPC-(Players Talk-Fromm) Episode 2.96
Show Details40min 16s
3YPC-(Love-Tua-POTW) Episode 2.95
Show Details37min 14s
3YPC-(Review-NFL Talk) Episode 2.94
Show Details52min 58s
3YPC-(Tua Tagovailoa) Episode 2.93
Show Details49min 25s
3YPC-(Review-Tank Investigation) Episode 2.92
Show Details49min 9s
3YPC-(Grier-Allen) Episode 2.91
Show Details25min 41s
3YPC-(News-Minkah) Episode 2.90
Show Details50min 39s
3YPC-(Tank2Far-Pats Preview) Episode 2.89
Show Details39min 21s
3YPC-(WK1 Review-BAL59-MIA10) Episode 2.88
Show Details43min 44s
3YPC-(Ravens Preview) Episode 2.87
Show Details23min 48s
3YPC-(Tunsil Trade-Cuts) Episode 2.86
Show Details49min 46s
3YPC-(Jadeveon Clowney Special)
Show Details42min 11s
3YPC-(Jags Review-News) Episode 2.85
Show Details46min 33s
3YPC-(Bucs Review-Jags Preview) Episode 2.84
Show Details1hr 9min
3YPC- (BONUS-Bucs Practice Day 1)
Show Details16min 59s
3YPC-(Falcons Review-Bucs Preview) Episode 2.83
Show Details58min 50s
3YPC-(Dolphins Camp Special #2) Episode 2.82
Show Details1hr 14min
3YPC-(Dolphins Camp Special #1) Episode 2.81
Show Details1hr 9min
3YPC-(Dolphins Camp Preview) Episode 2.80
Show Details1hr 7min
3YPC-(Caldwell-Camp-Madden) Episode 2.79
Show Details34min 22s
3YPC-(Offseason-Twitter Q&A) Episode 2.78
Show Details51min 20s
3YPC SHORT - Jordan Love
Show Details5min 22s
3YPC-(Good vs. Bad-Twitter Q&A) Episode 2.77
Show Details56min 32s
3YPC-(Reshad-QB Battle) Episode 2.76
Show Details46min 20s
3YPC-(GoT-How Bad-Twitter Q&A) Episode 2.75
Show Details1hr 1min
3YPC-(GoT-Howard-Twitter Q&A) Episode 2.74
Show Details58min 36s
3YPC-(UDFA-Street FA Preview) Episode 2.73
Show Details1hr 17min
3YPC-(2019 NFL Draft Review) Episode 2.72
Show Details1hr 13min
3YPC-(BONUS-Wilkins-Draft Day 2)
Show Details27min 21s
3YPC-(2019 NFL Draft 1st Rd. Preview) Episode 2.71
Show Details1hr 15min
3YPC-(News-Draft Special #4) Episode 2.70
Show Details1hr 4min
3YPC-(News-Draft Special #3) Episode 2.69
Show Details1hr 19min
3YPC-(News-Draft Special #2) Episode 2.68
Show Details50min 23s
3YPC-(News-Draft Special #1) Episode 2.67
Show Details1hr 20min
3YPC-(Fitzmagic-2020) Episode 2.66
Show Details1hr 6min
3YPC-(EMERGENCY POD-Tannehill Traded)
Show Details18min 52s
3YPC-(Fins QB-Free Agency) Episode 2.65
Show Details1hr 10min
3YPC-(Combine Review-FA Preview) Episode 2.64
Show Details1hr 7min
3YPC-(Trey Flowers-NFL Combine) Episode 2.63
Show Details1hr 14min
3YPC-(QB's-News-Rebuild) Episode 2.62
Show Details1hr 5min
3YPC-(Kyler Murray-News-AAF) Episode 2.61
Show Details1hr 17min
3YPC-(Brian Flores Presser) Episode 2.60
Show Details1hr 4min
3YPC-(Senior Bowl Recap-SB Preview) Episode 1.59
Show Details58min 54s
3YPC-(New DC-Senior Bowl Special) Episode 1.58
Show Details1hr 16min
3YPC-(Brian Flores-Staffing) Episode 1.57
Show Details1hr 3min
3YPC-(Kris Richard-Coach Search) Episode 1.56
Show Details1hr 10min
3YPC-(Gase Fired-Coach Interviews) Episode 1.55
Show Details1hr 6min
3YPC-(Wk 17-Jags Recap-Bills Preview) Episode 1.54
Show Details52min 52s
3YPC-(Week 16 - Jaguars Preview) Episode 1.53
Show Details47min
3YPC-(Wk 15 - Vikings 41 Dolphins 17) Episode 1.52
Show Details1hr 15min
3YPC-(Week 15 - Vikings Preview) Episode 1.51
Show Details1hr 6min
3YPC-(Wk 14 - Dolphins 34 Patriots 33) Episode 1.50
Show Details49min 42s
3YPC-(Week 14 - Patriots Preview) Episode 1.49
Show Details36min 1s
3YPC-(Wk 13 - Dolphins 21 Bills 17) Episode 1.48
Show Details1hr 12min
3YPC-(Week 13 - Bills Preview) Episode 1.47
Show Details1hr 8min
3YPC-(Wk 12 - Colts 27 Dolphins 24) Episode 1.46
Show Details57min 8s
3YPC-(Week 12 - Colts Preview) Episode 1.45
Show Details1hr 19min
3YPC-(Week 11-BYE Week Special) Episode 1.44
Show Details51min 48s
3YPC-(Wk10-Packers 31 Dolphins 12) Episode 1.43
Show Details58min 41s
3YPC-(Week 10-Packers Preview) Episode 1.42
Show Details53min 32s
3YPC-(Wk9-Dolphins 13 Jets 6) Episode 1.41
Show Details24min 30s
3YPC-(Week 9-Jets Preview) Episode 1.40
Show Details44min 40s
3YPC-(Wk8-Texans 42 Dolphins 23) Episode 1.39
Show Details1hr 7min
3YPC-(Week 8-Texans Preview) Episode 1.38
Show Details40min 37s
3YPC-(Wk7-Lions 32 Dolphins 21) Episode 1.37
Show Details52min 1s
3YPC-(Week 7-Lions Preview) Episode 1.36
Show Details54min 9s
3YPC-(Wk6-Dolphins 31 Bears 28) Episode 1.35
Show Details1hr 13min
BONUS POD- College QB Prospects
Show Details25min 58s
3YPC-(Week 6-Bears Preview) Episode 1.34
Show Details34min 48s
3YPC-(Wk5-Bengals 27 Dolphins 17) Episode 1.33
Show Details48min 27s
3YPC-(Week 5-Bengals Preview) Episode 1.32
Show Details56min 58s
3YPC-(Wk4-Patriots 38 Dolphins 7) Episode 1.31
Show Details58min 29s
3YPC-(Week 4-Patriots Preview) Episode 1.30
Show Details59min 17s
3YPC-(Wk3-Dolphins 28 Raiders 20) Episode 1.29
Show Details38min 47s
3YPC-(Week 3-Raiders Preview) Episode 1.28
Show Details51min 50s
3YPC- (Wk2-Dolphins 20 Jets 12) Episode 1.27
Show Details40min 41s
3YPC-(Week 2-Jets Preview) Episode 1.26
Show Details51min 8s
3YPC- (Wk1-Dolphins 27 Titans 20) Episode 1.25
Show Details34min 3s
3YPC- (Week 1-Titans Preview) Episode 1.24
Show Details57min 34s
3YPC-(Ravens Recap-Preseason Review) Episode 1.23
Show Details1hr 1min
3YPC-(Panthers Recap-Ravens-FantasyOn5) Episode 1.22
Show Details1hr 13min
3YPC-(Bucs Recap-Panthers Preview) Episode 1.21
Show Details1hr 5min
3YPC-(Camp-Bucs-Fins Preview) Episode 1.20
Show Details1hr 4min
3YPC-(Training Camp Talk) Episode 1.19
Show Details58min 8s
3YPC-(Sparano-Anthem-Mic'd Up) Episode 1.18
Show Details1hr 3min
3YPC-(Camp Preview-Part 2) Episode 1.17
Show Details1hr 7min
3YPC-(Camp Preview-Part 1) Episode 1.16
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3YPC-(FanBase-Banter) Episode 1.15
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3YPC-(Madden-Ethan Skolnick) Episode 1.14
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3YPC-(Landry-Red Flags) Episode 1.13
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3YPC-(Mini Camp-Mexico) Episode 1.12
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3YPC-(OTA's-Optimism) Episode 1.11
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3YPC-(OTA's-OJ McDuffie-Seth Levit) Episode 1.10
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3YPC-(Draftees-Coaches-Press) Episode 1.9
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3YPC-(Trades-Stephen Ross) Episode 1.8
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3YPC-(Front Office-UDFA) Episode 1.7
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3YPC-(Dolphins Draft Recap) Episode 1.6
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3YPC-(NFL Draft Preview) Episode 1.5
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3YPC- (Defense-Suh-Draft) Episode 1.4
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3YPC- (Skill Positions-Hats-Draft) Episode 1.3
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3YPC- (Quarterbacks-Draft-Pats) Episode 1.2
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3YPC- (Draft-Culture-Gase) Episode 1.1
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3YPC-Episode 0.0
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