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The Two O' Clock Show: Best Thing On At 2 PM, Period!

The Two O' Clock Show: Best Thing On At 2 PM, Period! brings to cyber-space the Beloved Disciple of the Bible (read the end of John Chapter 21), as he co-hosts the show as the center of his new outreach to the world through the Quantum CyberSee of JOCA (Jerusalem Orthodox Church) America. 

The Beloved Disciple's front row seat to history means many unexplained mysteries hidden by time can now be unveiled. The New Testament can also be clarified from the unique position of original eye-witness. We can imitate the intensity of the earliest followers of Christ lived out their lives, faith and spirituality. This Mystagogy is called "The Quantum Way," and we gently guide the willing to this intense form of New Monasticism. 

Having been around finance since its inception, of course The Beloved Disciple's trading style (called GAMVESTING), is the "Holy Grail" of Investing. GAMVESTING is taught through a "Poor Man's Hedge Fund," which is to the CyberSee what the Vatican Bank is to the Holy See. Pattern/Crypto Daytraders traders both find a home here, and commit to tithing-a-tithe into the Jerusalem Orthodox Church GAMVESTING Hedge Fund.

Most importantly, we teach you how to think. The "Truth Matrix" facilitates the motto, "Prove all things and hold fast to that which is good." You are trained how to "Idolize Consistency," so you can live a life of true faith.


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