Lystics AFL Podcast

We pull apart current AFL playing lists, analyse the key indicators, and determine who they should resign, delist, make a play for in trade/free agency, draft, and what moves they should make in the offseason.


Completed Trades Analysis - Final Day of Trades Reviewed
Show Details50min 19s
West Coast Eagles List 2020 - We're Flying Old
Show Details56min 10s
Yet-to-be-completed Trades Analysis - Deadline Day Bonus Episodes
Show Details1hr 7min
Completed Trades Analysis - Deadline Day Bonus Episodes
Show Details1hr 6min
Offseason Plans 2020 - Each club's biggest names during trade and free agency
Show Details1hr 2min
Western Bulldogs List 2020 - Small dog syndrome an issue for Bulldogs
Show Details1hr 13min
Melbourne Demons List 2020 - Structural Demons are haunting Melbourne
Show Details1hr 22min
GWS Giants List 2020 - Giant Disappointment
Show Details1hr 13min
Carlton Blues List 2020 - Baby Blue is not Carlton's style
Show Details58min 39s
Essendon Bombers List 2020 - Should Essendon's exodus have Bombers ejecting the untouchable?
Show Details1hr 15min
2020 Draft - The Top Prospects
Show Details30min 38s
Fremantle Dockers List 2020 - Freo Heave-Honing in on finals contention
Show Details57min 24s
Gold Coast Suns List 2020 - Sun's bright for perennial cellar dwellers
Show Details1hr 11min
Sydney Swans List 2020 - Cygnet academy prepares Swans for short rebuild
Show Details54min 55s
Hawthorn Hawks List 2020 - Barren nest needs filling for Hawks to fly again
Show Details56min 29s
North Melbourne Kangaroos List 2020 - Joeys held back by lame Roos
Show Details1hr 15min
Adelaide Crows List 2020 - Crows better for woes
Show Details1hr 7min
Flying Solo on my Confirmation Biases
Show Details23min 55s
AFL rules changes that will make a better game
Show Details58min 30s
From GF location to which average age is average
Show Details1hr 30min
Breaking up a Champion Team - Should clubs have a "Last Dance"
Show Details1hr 16min
Footy is Back (and so are we)
Show Details1hr 1min
On Pause and Wanting to Add Value
Show Details13min 58s
COVID-19 - Which clubs benefit comparatively from the break?
Show Details1hr 29min
Expansion vs Relocation: How the AFL should break ground on new frontiers
Show Details1hr 21min
COVID-19 and the 2020 Draft including the no-season top 10 prospects
Show Details1hr 10min
Paused: The lay of the new land
Show Details58min 12s
AFL Season is on* with 16 minute quarters, 17 games, and 14 days quarantine
Show Details1hr 22min
Footy Shorts: COVID-19 and SuperCoach Forwards
Show Details18min 53s
Footy Shorts: SuperCoach Rucks
Show Details11min 4s
Daddy's Back Again - Quadruple Trouble! Lions v Port, Hawks v Saints
Show Details1hr 4min
Footy Shorts: SuperCoach Defenders
Show Details14min 59s
Daddy's Back 2! Preseason Prep: Geelong vs Gold Coast
Show Details51min 52s
Daddy's Back! Preseason Prep: Adelaide vs Melbourne
Show Details42min 29s
Better or Worse: The Offseason Report Card - Sydney, West Coast, Western Bulldogs
Show Details29min 52s
Better or Worse: The Offseason Report Card - Port Adelaide, Richmond, St Kilda
Show Details30min 20s
Better or Worse: The Offseason Report Card - Hawthorn, Melbourne, North Melbourne
Show Details30min 42s
Better or Worse: The Offseason Report Card - Geelong, Gold Coast, Greater Western Sydney
Show Details39min 35s
Better or Worse: The Offseason Report Card - Collingwood, Essendon, Fremantle
Show Details37min 30s
Better or Worse: The Offseason Report Card - Adelaide, Brisbane, Carlton
Show Details35min 31s
Trade Review Part 2 - Live Trading: All Trades made on draft nights
Show Details47min 26s
Trade Review Part 1 - Pre Draft: All Trades up until the draft
Show Details1hr 10min
The Draft Review Part 3 - Richmond to Western Bulldogs
Show Details1hr 1min
The Draft Review Part 2 - Fremantle to Port Adelaide
Show Details55min 1s
The Draft Review Part 1 - Adelaide to Essendon
Show Details59min 25s
Live Trading Mock Draft Special with Draft Central - Rounds 1 & 2
Show Details56min 4s
Mock 2019 AFL Draft Rounds 1 & 2 - Why Rowell shouldn't go at Pick 1
Show Details1hr 26min
Richmond Tigers 2019 List - Hunters. Hunted. Hunters. Hunted?
Show Details29min 28s
GWS Giants List 2019 - Another Giant step required
Show Details37min 45s
2020 AFL Draft Part 2 - Mock Draft / is this the most compromised draft ever?
Show Details1hr 12min
2020 AFL Draft Part 1 - Early Top 25 Prospect Rankings
Show Details51min 30s
Geelong Cats List 2019 - Eight lives down, one to go
Show Details40min 5s
Collingwood Magpies List 2019 - 3 big Magpies, which 1 will leave the nest?
Show Details43min 52s
Trade Period Review: Eagles pay king's ransom, as free agents find homes
Show Details55min 1s
1hr Trade and Free Agency Special - Every player and club
Show Details58min 25s
AFL Grand Final Preview 2019 - Yellow & Black vs Big Big Sound
Show Details25min 52s
Brisbane Lions List 2019 - Hunter becomes hunted, as Lion cubs will discover
Show Details39min 58s
West Coast Eagles List 2019 - Why flying directly at the setting sun may be the best strategy
Show Details40min 33s
Western Bulldogs List 2019 - Puppies bark a good early sign for growing Dogs
Show Details37min 32s
Essendon Bombers List 2019 - Inside/Outside the way forward for same-same Dons
Show Details50min 38s
Port Adelaide Power List 2019 - The generators are all online, so what's behind SA's Power issues.
Show Details41min 58s
Hawthorn Hawks List 2019 - Again, old Hawks need to make room for fledglings
Show Details53min 47s
Adelaide Crows List 2019 - Stale Crows need more changes to fly
Show Details40min 54s
Fremantle Dockers List 2019 - Unstable docking distracts Fremantle from real issues
Show Details48min 12s
AFL Draftees you need for your Fantasy Keeper League + the state of veteran contracts
Show Details41min 56s
St Kilda Saints 2019 - Saints reach cross in the road
Show Details40min 12s
North Melbourne Kangaroos 2019 - Roos have some pouches to fill, and fast
Show Details29min 28s
Sydney Swans List 2019 - Swans dive down, but always come back up
Show Details38min 1s
Carlton Blues List 2019 - Only one trade Blue holding back the Blues
Show Details40min 36s
Melbourne Demon List 2019 - The mental Demons have returned, and they'll need to be quick to respond
Show Details45min 11s
Gold Coast Suns List 2019 - The Suns middle needs to heat up
Show Details58min 59s
U18 Championships Complete Analysis and Ranking - Combining different assessment methods and prospect biometrics
Show Details1hr 18min
U18 Championships Objective Analysis - Diving into the data
Show Details1hr 8min
U18 Championships Subjective Analysis - Who were the biggest movers, and who surprised us
Show Details49min 4s
AFL Player Movement Wishlist
Show Details59min 45s
The AFL's Gambling Problem
Show Details25min 47s
The Big Issues: Tim Kelly, Sydney Stack, the top 10 draft prospects, mental health in the AFL
Show Details1hr 15min
Under Pressure Part 2 - Who at your club is under pressure to perform
Show Details1hr 1min
Under Pressure Part 1- Who at your club is under pressure to perform
Show Details1hr 3min
Mid-season Draft: What strategy should your club take in, and what players should they take out?
Show Details57min 44s
Fantasy Land and the Bye Rounds - How to survive and thrive through the byes
Show Details47min 57s
Free Agents and Out of Contract Players - Which players could your club target in the 2019 offseason?
Show Details1hr 14min
The Stocker Trade/Draft Pick vs Draft Board: A take on how to more accurately assess the worth of a prospect
Show Details15min 45s
The Fixture Part 2 - A new draft and a better future for the draw
Show Details39min 58s
The Fixture Part 1 - The Importance and Imperfection of the AFL Fixture
Show Details36min 59s
2019 Draft Prospect and 2018 Draftees - Who is John's new "Connor Rozee" for 2019?
Show Details1hr 13min
The true cost of injuries - Much more than just player availability + our revised prediction on a Ranceless Richmond.
Show Details49min 54s
SuperCoach Round 3 Price Changes: Stay strong or trade trade trade
Show Details29min 13s
2019 Season Preview - Hawthorn to Western Bulldogs - What does success look like for your club in the coming season?
Show Details1hr 35min
2019 Season Preview - Adelaide to GWS - What does success look like for your club in the coming season?
Show Details1hr 18min
JLT Fantasy Wrap: The best rookies, midpricers and premiums + SuperCoach team reveals
Show Details36min 27s
Common Sense - The AFL's New Rules
Show Details1hr 1min
Year of the SSP - The supplemental selection period and how it changes the list management landscape
Show Details11min 19s
Preseason Rookie Watch - Which 1st year players are looking the goods for Round 1, and which should you draft in your fantasy keeper league.
Show Details1hr 13min
Houses vs Shares: Are players or picks more valuable at trade time, and could a third trade asset be the key to equality?
Show Details39min 37s
Fantasy vs Reality? Which player rating system works: AFL Fantasy, SuperCoach, AFL Player Ratings, or none of the above?
Show Details34min 45s
Fantasy Footy - Blue Chip, Value, and Basement Priced Options for SuperCoach and AFL Fantasy
Show Details1hr 10min
Trading 2 First Round Picks - Is it ever a good idea?
Show Details51min 31s
The Offseason Report Card - From Delisting to Drafting - Tigers, Demons, Magpies - Part 6 of 6
Show Details57min 42s
The Offseason Report Card - From Delisting to Drafting - Swans, Hawks, Giants - Part 5 of 6
Show Details30min 36s
The Offseason Report Card - From Delisting to Drafting - Dockers, Power, Cats - Part 4 of 6
Show Details43min 56s
The Offseason Report Card - From Delisting to Drafting - Eagles, Bulldogs, Lions - Part 3 of 6
Show Details58min 53s
The Offseason Report Card - From Delisting to Drafting - Dons, Roos, Suns - Part 2 of 6
Show Details41min 24s
The Offseason Report Card - From Delisting to Drafting - Crows, Blues, Saints - Part 1 of 6
Show Details38min 13s
Draft Review 2: How did you your club really perform? Hawthorn to Western Bulldogs, the last 9 clubs reviewed - Player Movement Period Wrap Part 7
Show Details58min 11s
Draft Review: How did you your club really perform? Adelaide to GWS, the first 9 clubs reviewed - Player Movement Period Wrap Part 6
Show Details1hr 5min
AFL Mid-Draft Summary - The massive trade that could leave one club feeling blue
Show Details17min 23s
Mock Draft Special with AFL Draft Central - 2nd Round of the 2018 AFL Draft
Show Details37min 13s
Mock Draft Special with AFL Draft Central - 1st Round of the 2018 AFL Draft
Show Details57min 29s
Live Trading of Picks at the AFL Draft - A confusing mess bound to make draft night way more interesting
Show Details43min 47s
Trade Review: Our harshest assessments, who flopped this trade period? The Top 6 Reviewed - Player Movement Period Wrap Part 4
Show Details46min 49s
Delisted Best 22: Could this team win a game against the Blues or Suns? - Player Movement Period Wrap Part 5
Show Details38min 3s
Trade Review: Which club are we poles apart on? The Middle 6 Reviewed - Player Movement Period Wrap Part 3
Show Details45min 54s
Trade Review: Did the Blues make a blue? The Bottom 6 Reviewed - Player Movement Period Wrap Part 2
Show Details59min 26s
Free Agency - Player Movement Period Wrap Part 1
Show Details28min 25s
It's Trade Time - AFL Trade Period, 2 Days til Deadline #getitdone
Show Details47min 26s
AFL Draft - Combine and Final 2018 Power Rankings
Show Details1hr 20min
Top 8 Review - What does an AFL Premiership mean for the West Coast Eagle
Show Details1hr 3min
Collingwood Magpies 2018 List - Black and white approach to list required for Magpies to fly higher
Show Details1hr 13min
Pre Grand Final Draft Review and July Onwards Draft Rankings
Show Details46min 32s
Melbourne Demon List 2018 - No more mental demons for Dees, who May be interested in trading
Show Details54min 40s
Richmond Tigers List 2018 - Tigers set to walk taller in 2019
Show Details57min 23s
AFL Grand Final Preview 2018 - West Coast Eagles vs Collingwood Magpies
Show Details38min 28s
GWS Giants List 2018 - If Dylan's hit his Shieling, it's time to go, because Giant steps forward are coming
Show Details38min 40s
Hawthorn Hawks List 2018 - Old Hawks need to make room for fledglings
Show Details58min 4s
Sydney Swans List 2018 - No swansong, move players on
Show Details56min 46s
Geelong Cats List 2018 - Less ferals and more kittens the way forward
Show Details1hr 3min
The Bottom 10 - Season's End Review Part 2
Show Details40min
The Bottom 10 - Season's End Review Part 1
Show Details45min 56s
Draft Power Rankings and Mock Draft Pre-Finals Edition
Show Details1hr 22min
Port Adelaide Power List 2018 - Power failure after positive list moves a bad sign
Show Details1hr 2min
Fremantle Dockers List 2018 - Time to anchor down and draft tall
Show Details45min 24s
Brisbane Lions List 2018 - Cubs are beginning to roar
Show Details41min 35s
Western Bulldogs List 2018 - Dogs, more like puppies
Show Details59min 46s
West Coast Eagles List 2018 - Coasting into salary cap deep end
Show Details52min 25s
Essendon Bombers List 2018 - Not bombing out anytime soon
Show Details51min 51s
Listory: Brisbane Lions '09 to '13 - How to go from a side of the rise to the Go Home 5
Show Details20min 23s
Gold Coast Suns List 2018 - Suns in player retention shade
Show Details1hr 4min
North Melbourne Kangaroos 2018 - Daring draft moves will see Roos list hop North
Show Details1hr 15min
St Kilda Saints 2018 - The Devil is in the Drafting
Show Details43min 10s
Carlton Blues List 2018 - Too Many Blues
Show Details46min 45s
Adelaide Crows List 2018 - Not So Radelaide
Show Details46min 46s