Lesbian Liberals (but we're not)

Can you be LGBTQ+ and be a Conservative? In this podcast we want to show you that you can! This podcast will dive into some of the hottest political, cultural, and social topics going on in the US. We will uncover the hidden truths in these subjects. We also want to encourage people to do their own research and make conclusions based on facts and/or common sense. We want this podcast to be a safe place no matter your gender identity or political party, so come party with us!


The Great Reset & It's Implications
Show Details37min 33s
Time to Wake Up!
Show Details38min 36s
All Things Abortion
Show Details33min 30s
The Left Ruined 2020
Show Details31min 46s
Homelessness in the United States
Show Details32min 11s
Does the media shape our reality?
Show Details30min 35s
Lies Leftist Tell You About Trump
Show Details32min 7s
Did Trump Keep His Promises?
Show Details30min 58s
Capitalism vs. Socialism
Show Details47min 41s
Finding Politics in Pop Music
Show Details44min 36s
Is the 2020 Election Over?
Show Details56min 12s
Who is Joe Biden & where is Hunter?
Show Details50min 6s
Which Party Is Obsessed With Race? PT.2
Show Details38min 34s
Which Party Is Obsessed With Race? PT.1
Show Details24min 47s
Quick LGBTQ History & Is Trump a Homophobe?
Show Details35min 4s
Why Does Everyone Hate Conservatives?
Show Details27min 29s
What is being a Liberal? And Why we are Not
Show Details34min 1s
Getting to know Lesbian Liberals
Show Details20min 46s
Podcast Trailer
Show Details56s