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Auf Die Fresse - the (unofficial) wXw review podcast in English, from - covering the latest events, news and happenings around Westside Xtreme Wrestling from Germany, along with the odd retro throwback as well!


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Welcome to the first edition of Auf Die Fresse - the (unofficial, to cover our backs!) English language podcast that covers wXw. In this episode, Ian and Mike look at how they first got into wXw, then take a look at some happenings since 16 Carat Gold, before going back to wXw’s last WrestleMania Weekend show - Amerika ist Wunderbar - from 2019.

We also go over We Love Wrestling #28 from Oberhausen, where three of wXw’s championships were defended, and take a quick look at what’s known for wXw’s upcoming shows in Frankfurt, Papenburg and Weyhe.


You can also catch Mike on the Groundhoppers Guide on YouTube over at

Twitter: @bigbackbodydrop / @IanWrestling / @MikeKilby

Instagram: @backbodydrop / @MikeKilby

Intro music: Simple Metal by Teknoaxe

1hr 20min
Published Mar 31, 2022 at 10:45am
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