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Good Time Not a Long Time Podcast

A weekly comedy podcast involving chaotic rants, random quizzes, interesting news and questionable advice.

You know, when people say the first eighteen years of your life is a free trial, they really are not kidding. Life is a pain and three young adults have a lot to say about it but very little to do. Laugh at their stories, listen to them rant but, most importantly, grab yourself a vodka lemonade. Time is a social construct my lovelies and we are here for a Good Time, Not a Long Time.





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ASMR Revels
Show Details42min 43s
Premature Bridezilla
Show Details33min 39s
Dilfiest Dilf
Show Details31min 27s
She's A Juxtaposition
Show Details24min 21s
Eat Your Rabbit And Greens
Show Details38min 33s
Zuck Bucks And Waffles
Show Details33min 41s
Life Is Tough, Food Is Good
Show Details45min 7s
I Pronounce You Man And Tory
Show Details42min 12s
A Little Wee Dance
Show Details31min 33s
Party On
Show Details40min 1s
Cheers To The Eggs
Show Details1hr 2min
Pick Me, Choose Me, Cancel Me
Show Details48min 8s
An Episode Shorter Than Teigan
Show Details27min 8s
Show Details37min 55s
I Digress
Show Details29min 14s
We're Still Cooking
Show Details46min 17s
Derek Shepherd Would Get It
Show Details26min 55s
Polly Want An Insult?
Show Details31min 30s
Ebenezer Teigan And The Ghost Of Christmas Trauma (Christmas 2021 Special)
Show Details46min 58s
Blockbuster Dreams
Show Details34min 9s
Wicked Weekend
Show Details43min 19s
Hotel Chocolat Girl Next Door
Show Details43min 33s
We're Going On A Bear Hunt
Show Details36min 54s
Throwing All Shades Of Grey
Show Details35min 16s
The Kama Sutra Meta
Show Details40min 55s
Who Let The Overtoun Dogs Out? (Halloween 2021 Special)
Show Details44min 43s
A Sprinkle Of Salt In Snapchat Crocs
Show Details41min 43s
Oh, Wonder Who They Are?
Show Details42min 55s
So 'Minnie' Good Disney Films
Show Details43min 28s
What A Day
Show Details39min 1s
Woof, It's Rigged
Show Details46min 58s
Overnight Wifey Material (1 Year Anniversary Special)
Show Details1hr 3min
Just Do It, Just Don't
Show Details39min 15s
ADHD Enters The Chat
Show Details30min 19s
#ThatGirl Needs A Shower
Show Details44min 28s
The Non-Alcoholic Who Loves Alcohol
Show Details37min 52s
What's Wrong With Your Lips?
Show Details33min 11s
Houston, We Have A Billionaire
Show Details41min 42s
Armpits Wetter Than Niagara Falls
Show Details37min 17s
It's Coming Home?
Show Details39min 3s
People Never Learn
Show Details39min 33s
i, Pigeon
Show Details36min 2s
Struggling To Host For 35 Minutes Straight
Show Details35min 3s
Tour De Crackhead
Show Details37min 1s
All Around The Towns And Everything
Show Details39min 9s
Rent In The Afterlife
Show Details32min 42s
Rather Be Tangled Than Frozen
Show Details29min 37s
Android vs IOS Supremacy
Show Details37min 31s
Toilet Diving EarPods
Show Details39min 46s
Double Dragon Dares And Bent Coppers
Show Details44min
The Drunk And The Drunker
Show Details34min 45s
Cuthbert VS Colin The Caterpillar
Show Details50min 54s
The Good Friday Incident
Show Details46min 39s
Define Harpoon
Show Details45min 42s
Beans On Weetabix
Show Details44min 46s
There's Been A Casualty
Show Details39min 5s
That History Teacher
Show Details50min 43s
The Dyslexic And The Beast
Show Details49min 19s
When Life Gives You Oranges
Show Details39min 39s
Mr Sanders, Bring Me a Meme
Show Details36min 38s
Infectious Laughter
Show Details36min 35s
Do What You Enjoy
Show Details40min 31s
Big And Juicy
Show Details31min 39s
New Year, Not New Me
Show Details28min 46s
Yorkshire Pudding and Water (Christmas 2020 Special)
Show Details58min 1s
Celebrations vs Quality Street
Show Details44min 23s
Royally Miffed
Show Details37min 58s
Hot Chocolate Malfunction
Show Details43min 30s
Modern Day Robin Hood
Show Details49min 6s
Hangover Recovery
Show Details49min 16s
Trick Or Hot Dogs (Halloween 2020 Special )
Show Details1hr 36min
Teigan is Not Sus
Show Details49min 11s
You Only Live Once
Show Details49min 39s
Show Details49min 22s
Ying and Yang
Show Details47min 48s
We Are Not a Tory
Show Details49min 19s