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MLW files a lawsuit against WWE
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The dismantling of Triple H's NXT
Show Details1hr 31min
Black Saturday ratings myth, early Wrestlemania PPV buys with Bix
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David Bixenspan joins Brandon to for a special bonus episode to discuss some retrospective Wrestlenomics topics that Bix has written about recently, including WWF pay-per-view buys and the TV ratings for WWF's "Black Saturday" run on TBS, and more.

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1hr 35min
Published Jan 5, 2022 at 3:00am
The diversity of AEW’s roster and audience
Show Details1hr 21min
2021's biggest stories in wrestling business
Show Details2hr 10min
2022 predictions, AEW in mainstream press
Show Details1hr 18min
The flow of talent from AEW to WWE
Show Details1hr 28min
DVR viewership, WWE's NIL program
Show Details1hr 30min
WWE's Brooklyn upfront, Young Bucks' extension, Vince's egg
Show Details1hr 29min
WWE talent releases, AEW Full Gear PPV buys, EPL rights deal
Show Details1hr 20min
AEW Full Gear business, WWE financial outlook
Show Details1hr 32min
Talent releases and CFO transition after WWE Q3 earnings
Show Details1hr 40min
The end of Ring of Honor as we know it
Show Details1hr 34min
Preemptions and NJPW business
Show Details1hr 34min
Fast Nationals for Smackdown and Rampage
Show Details1hr 25min
Smackdown vs. Rampage: The 30-Minute War
Show Details1hr 19min
Q3 2021 TV ratings and ticket sales trends for WWE and AEW
Show Details1hr 22min
AEW SVP Chris Harrington talks about the wrestling business
Show Details1hr 20min
WWE and AEW's different visions of talent
Show Details1hr 16min
AEW draws 200,000 PPV buys for All Out
Show Details1hr 4min
All Out weekend
Show Details1hr 6min
Needle movers
Show Details1hr 15min
CM Punk is back in pro wrestling
Show Details1hr 35min
AEW Rampage debut, Smackdown prelims
Show Details1hr 10min
NXT getting overhauled following more WWE cuts
Show Details1hr 18min
AEW's United Center ticket sell fast, WWE budget cuts
Show Details1hr 24min
Week 2 with WWE back on the road
Show Details1hr 20min
Live events are back
Show Details1hr 21min
WWE Raw sets a new low ahead of touring
Show Details1hr 9min
How will the return of fans affect ratings?
Show Details1hr 5min
Return to touring draws nearer, more WWE releases
Show Details1hr 1min
Myths about AEW's financial state
Show Details1hr 17min
WWE as a meme stock, post-Covid ticket sales
Show Details1hr 17min
Double or Nothing 2021 was AEW's 2nd highest-selling PPV
Show Details1hr 6min
WWE and New Japan reportedly discuss working relationship
Show Details52min 7s
WWE returns to live events, more AEW/TBS details
Show Details1hr 11min
AEW returning to live events
Show Details1hr 4min
AEW's Blood & Guts wins cable on Wednesday
Show Details54min 20s
What NHL on Turner means for AEW
Show Details59min 38s
WWE Q1 2021, MLW coming to Vice
Show Details1hr 4min
Big ratings in the first week of the post-war era
Show Details1hr 2min
Wrestlemania 37, Undertaker NFTs, Nick Khan comments
Show Details1hr 18min
NXT moves to Tuesday, extends USA deal
Show Details1hr 10min
WWE Network launches on Peacock
Show Details1hr 21min
Requiem for goodwill
Show Details50min 29s
How viewership would be affected if NXT moves to Tuesday
Show Details51min 49s
Tubular media ecosystem
Show Details1hr 2min
Final verdict on WWE Network
Show Details1hr 3min
TV ratings literacy
Show Details1hr 5min
WWE Q4 & full year 2020 earning report
Show Details1hr 11min
Welcome to the flock
Show Details1hr 52min
Banking model of pro wrestling
Show Details44min 6s
Pop culture extravaganza
Show Details54min 34s
No chance in hell
Show Details40min 45s
Cable makes wrestling richer than ever
Show Details1hr 4min
Year 2020 retrospective
Show Details1hr 32min
More fans than ever
Show Details46min 29s
Code of Champions
Show Details1hr 6min
Is TV more valuable than PPV?
Show Details59min 26s
Pay-per-view price inelasticity
Show Details1hr 1min
But all TV is down
Show Details59min 31s
20-factor test
Show Details1hr 24min
A case for sports-like wrestling
Show Details1hr 11min
WWE Q3 2020: Finally a new star, and it's Nick Khan
Show Details1hr 1min
The business of everything else
Show Details1hr 6min
If a man yells in a forest and no one listens... is it a podcast?
Show Details1hr 3min
We march backwards into the future
Show Details1hr 2min
The pillars of wrestling's future
Show Details1hr 1min
SEC Theater
Show Details1hr 2min
The End of Pax McMahona
Show Details57min 40s
The bill's coming due
Show Details53min 46s
Secretary of Labor
Show Details58min 11s
Estimate the Thunderdome
Show Details57min 25s
No off-color comments
Show Details46min 36s
Passive engagement
Show Details1hr 10min
The Best of WWE Excuses
Show Details39min 1s
WWE Q2 2020 Earnings Report: Compelling Content
Show Details50min 11s
Why Comcast should buy WWE
Show Details1hr 26min
The life and times of the key demo
Show Details1hr 8min
WWE has a new Chief Financial Officer
Show Details57min 53s
The scales of Moxley and Cena
Show Details57min 36s
Wrestling before and after COVID: Speaking Out movement, COVID19 testing
Show Details39min 22s
Class-action lawsuit against WWE over MENA TV rights
Show Details1hr 13min
The importance of new stars
Show Details58min 19s
A letter to white innocence
Show Details34min 15s
Rumors of PPV's Death Were Greatly Exaggerated
Show Details49min 33s
COVID-19 Data in Florida and Japan
Show Details59min 11s
How WWE Network has made business harder for others
Show Details53min 41s
Coronavirus is a breakpoint for wrestling fandom
Show Details50min 22s
Will Wrestling Viewership Bounce Back?
Show Details33min 29s
WWE Q1 2020 Earnings Report
Show Details55min 25s
Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE releases & XFL shutdown timeline
Show Details53min 51s
Wrestlenomics Radio: The end of XFL 2.0, Wrestlemania Reception
Show Details38min 39s
Wrestlenomics 101: COVID19 can't stop WWE profitability, Cena on star development
Show Details51min 46s
Wrestlenomics Radio: 100th Episode, Investors' Understanding of WWE
Show Details33min 45s
Wrestlenomics Radio: Highest Attendances and Live Gates in Wrestling History
Show Details47min 14s
Wrestlenomics Radio: How much will COVID-19 cost WWE?
Show Details36min 30s
How and Why WWE's Popularity Declined
Show Details41min 57s
Wrestlenomics Radio: Streaming possibilities for WWE PPVs
Show Details40min 48s
WWE Q4 2019 report: PPVs moving to major streaming service?
Show Details19min 30s
George Barrios and Michelle Wilson out as WWE Co-Presidents
Show Details1hr 10min
Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE Q3 2019 Earnings Report
Show Details1hr 15min
Wrestlenomics Radio: NXT debuts on USA Network, Anthem acquires AXS TV
Show Details1hr 22min
91: Wrestlenomics Radio: NXT moves to USA Network, going head-to-head with AEW on cable
Show Details47min 23s
90: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE Q2 2019 earnings report
Show Details2hr 7min
89: Wrestlenomics Radio: What's the big deal about WWE in Saudi Arabia?
Show Details52min 33s
88: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE Q1 2019 Earnings Analysis, Vince blames talent absences for declines
Show Details1hr 51min
87: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE's independent contractor problem
Show Details32min 37s
86: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE moving headquarters
Show Details28min 16s
85: Wrestlenomics Radio: Wrestlemania attendance, Barrios on popularity, viewership demographics
Show Details54min 35s
84: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE Saudi money algebra, AEW Double or Nothing sells out, NJPW Google search
Show Details50min 55s
83: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE Full Year 2018 Report: Vince on star power, Rousey; Crown Jewel money; Barrios defends attendance drop
Show Details51min 24s
82: Wrestlenomics Radio: Mookie gets hired by AEW, adventures in Japan; "Buffalo Brothers" car accident
Show Details1hr 58min
81: Wrestlenomics Radio: History of the Streaming Era, 2014-2018
Show Details2hr 7min
80: Wrestlenomics Radio: Impact moving to Pursuit, most matches in WWE, biggest stories of the year
Show Details1hr 34min
79: Wrestlenomics Radio: New lows for WWE viewership, Eric Bischoff TED talk
Show Details1hr 26min
78: Wrestlenomics Radio: New WWE board of directors, Vince sells stock, Barrios UBS talk, trademark update, scholarly wrestling articles
Show Details2hr 7min
77: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE stock recovery, ROH signings, NXT Takeover moved to avoid MSG show
Show Details1hr 22min
76: Wrestlenomics Radio: Pro wrestling landscape, AEW trademarks
Show Details1hr 29min
75: Wrestlenomics Radio: WrestleMania 35 ticket sales & capacity, Triple H NXT conference call
Show Details1hr 37min
74: Wrestlenomics Radio: Stephanie McMahon at Web Summit, Harold Meij on NJPW business with Uproxx
Show Details1hr 37min
73: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE Crown Jewel takes place, John Cena & Daniel Bryan don't appear
Show Details49min 52s
72: Wrestlenomics Radio: Crown Jewel casts shadow on WWE Evolution, WWE stock falls after Q3 report, NXT attendance, Roman Reigns
Show Details1hr 51min
71: Wrestlenomics Radio: Latest on WWE Saudi Arabia with guest Mike Sempervive
Show Details45min 30s
70: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE deal with Saudi Arabia government under scrunity after alleged murder of journalist
Show Details1hr 12min
69: Wrestlenomics Radio: Attendance updates for NJPW, WWE and ROH; UFC 229 incident
Show Details1hr 34min
68: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE Q3 viewership & female audience decline, Mixed Match Challenge views down, WWE YouTube power rankings
Show Details1hr 30min
67: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE CTE lawsuit dismissed, WWE tryout in Chile, return to Saudi Arabia, women's PPV, Impact officials meet at WWE HQ, WON HOF ballot
Show Details1hr 38min
66: Wrestlenomics Radio: CMLL Anniversary talk with live report from Will From Texas (goodhelmet)
Show Details1hr 41min
65: Wrestlenomics Radio: All In economics, interview with The Ringer's Mike Piellucci
Show Details1hr 39min
64: Wrestlenomics Radio: All In, employee/contractor issue, vision of WWE co-presidents
Show Details1hr 23min
63: Wrestlenomics Radio: Neville out of WWE contract, tracking indie stars, WWE Studios president leaves
Show Details1hr 12min
62: Wrestlenomics Radio: Triple H conference calls, Daniel Bryan contract status, Lawsuit updates for Punk/Cabana & Jarrett
Show Details1hr 15min
61: Wrestlenomics Radio: NJPW business and G1 Climax talk with @EvanDeadlySinsW
Show Details1hr 23min
60: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE social media metrics compared to Facebook, Twitter, Netflix; How WWE falls short of its economic potential
Show Details1hr 15min
59: Wrestlenomics Radio: How much did WWE make from Saudi Arabia deal?
Show Details1hr 26min
58: Wrestlenomics Radio: Hogan returning to WWE? ROH/NJPW MSG show, WWE Q2 preview, Sinclair-Tribune
Show Details1hr 35min
57: Wrestlenomics Radio: Part 2: WWE 1H 2018 Timeline
Show Details1hr 16min
56: Wrestlenomics Radio: Part 1: WWE 1H 2018 Timeline
Show Details1hr 13min
55: Wrestlenomics Radio: NJPWWorld subs, NJPW president profile, WWE TV deal, responsibility of promoters
Show Details1hr 55min
54: Wrestlenomics Radio: JPMorgan upgrades WWE stock target, All Us, Vader, WWE in Australia
Show Details1hr 42min
53: Wrestlenomics Radio: New WWE investor presentation, Australia PPV, India, All In, XFL
Show Details1hr 33min
53: Wrestlenomics Radio: CM Punk victorious in court, not in UFC
Show Details1hr 18min
52: Wrestlenomics Radio: CM Punk & Colt Cabana vs. Dr. Chris Amann trial
Show Details2hr 7min
50: Wrestlenomics Radio: What would a tiered WWE Network look like? SmackDown's new deal
Show Details1hr
49: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE RAW reportedly getting 3x raise, SmackDown moving?
Show Details1hr 36min
48: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE implications from UFC-ESPN, Brandon's modern wrestling talk, Total Divas renewed, Starrcast
Show Details1hr 31min
47: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE Q1 & macro business trends; NJPW Dontaku, Cow Palace ticket sales; All-In seating
Show Details1hr 18min
46: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE in Saudi Arabia, most recognizable pro wrestlers, BTIG upgrades WWE stock projection, All In
Show Details1hr 37min
45: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE business analyses from JPMorgan and Needham, Saudi Arabia, WWE Board of Directors
Show Details2hr 16min
44: Wrestlenomics Radio: Greatest Royal Rumble, Rusev, Ronda Rousey, Lesnar re-signs with WWE
Show Details2hr 12min
43: Wrestlenomics Radio: Mookie & Brandon's WrestleMania Adventure
Show Details1hr 52min
42: Wrestlenomics Radio: Louisiana athletic commission, Ticket sales update for all WrestleMania weekend events, MLW TV deal
Show Details2hr 7min
41: Wrestlenomics Radio: Daniel Bryan medically cleared by WWE, AroLucha funding
Show Details2hr 16min
40: Wrestlenomics Radio: WrestleMania 35 press conference, Moolah controversy, Jericho-Omega AXS rating
Show Details2hr 26min
39: Wrestlenomics Radio: Barrios at Deutsche Bank, Greatest Royal Rumble, WWE executive pay, All In
Show Details2hr 4min
38: Wrestlenomics Radio: Brock Lesnar no-shows, Fox Sports executives at RAW, NJPWWorld subs, PWG venue move
Show Details2hr 11min
37: Wrestlenomics Radio: Wrestling media, Ronda Rousey's effect on business, NJPW in Australia
Show Details2hr 8min
36: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE UK & International w/ Will Cooling, TV Rights, Bloomberg Business article
Show Details2hr 8min
35: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE 2017 top financial stories, Mookie's divisional scorecard, Mysterio in NJPW
Show Details2hr 24min
34: Wrestlenomics Radio: Ronda Rousey in WWE, Morgan Stanley analysis, WrestleMania in NY/NJ, ROH OTT service
Show Details2hr 12min
33: Wrestlenomics Radio: XFL official set to relaunch, Enzo Amore fired, RAW25 viewership, MMC
Show Details1hr 57min
32: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE talent contracts, Mixed Match Challenge, Lavie Margolin's TrumpMania
Show Details2hr 26min
31: Wrestlenomics Radio: RAW/SmackDown to Fox rumors, Wrestle Kingdom 12 follow-up, WWE stock price
Show Details2hr 25min
30: Wrestlenomics Radio: Wrestle Kingdom 12, NJPWWorld, 205 Live, WWE succession
Show Details2hr 2min
29: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE's Iron Man, injuries; Biggest stories of 2017; WWF 1984-1990 gross income
Show Details2hr 26min
28: Wrestlenomics Radio: Vince sells WWE stock for football, ROH record attendance, 2018 predictions
Show Details2hr 23min
27: Wrestlenomics Radio: Vince McMahon XFL rumors, Net Neutrality, new WWE Facebook show
Show Details2hr 26min
26: Wrestlenomics Radio: Triple H beats Jinder in India, Bagwell/Raven lawsuit dropped, 205 Live house shows, latest Barrios talk
Show Details2hr 22min
25: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWN's iPPV buys, WON HOF results, Broken Matt, Cody/Bucks show & merch
Show Details2hr 7min
24: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE & UFC TV rights negotiations, WWE’s reduced PPV schedule, Wrestle Kingdom 12 update, Brandon’s life in wrestling
Show Details2hr 7min
23: Wrestlenomics Radio: Jinder experiment done?, NJPW revenue, Zayn & Owens sent home
Show Details2hr 8min
Wrestlenomics Radio: Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame ballots
Show Details1hr 7min
22: Wrestlenomics Radio: Jericho vs. Omega at WK12, WWE releases, WWE popularity
Show Details2hr 7min
21: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE Q3 2017 Results & Analysis: WWE Network subs, attendance & more
Show Details1hr 28min
20: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE wellness policy, illnesses before TLC, & SMV partner
Show Details2hr 8min
19: Wrestlenomics Radio: Neville walks out, Jimmy Jacobs fired; GWN launch; Lucha Underground
Show Details2hr 7min
18: Wrestlenomics Radio: David Lagana on relaunch of NWA and future of media in wrestling
Show Details2hr 7min
17: Wrestlenomics Radio: Young Bucks get cease & desist, WWE RAW & SmackDown attendance
Show Details2hr 7min
16: Wrestlenomics Radio: FloMoney, FloProblems; WWE Network Survey; Jinder Mahal promo
Show Details2hr 7min
15: Wrestlenomics Radio: Fact-checking Roman Reigns and Vince McMahon’s recent promos
Show Details2hr 8min
14: Wrestlenomics Radio: GFW-Jarrett turmoil, Jericho book review, Kavita Devi, Baron Corbin
Show Details2hr 7min
13: Wrestlenomics Radio: NJPW Biz talk with @EvanDeadlySinsW
Show Details1hr 30min
12: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE Survey, Wreddit, Google Trends, Japanese ELO Ratings
Show Details2hr 7min
11: Wrestlenomics Radio: CM Punk lawsuit, Summerslam staying in Brooklyn, Triple H industry call, Daniel Bryan and more!
Show Details2hr 8min
10: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE Network in China, NJPW G1 Climax update, GFW, Ronda Rousey
Show Details2hr 6min
9: Wrestlenomics Radio: Cena vs. Nakamura, Brock Lesnar, G1 Climax Attendance and more!
Show Details2hr 9min
8: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE Q2 report, NJPW global plans, Reigns wins YouTube
Show Details2hr 7min
7: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE Q2 Preview, NJPW in the U.S.
Show Details2hr 7min
6: Wrestlenomics Radio: The Amazing Technicolor Bar Graphs
Show Details1hr 50min
5: Wrestlenomics Radio: Pro Wrestling's Aging TV Audience
Show Details2hr 7min
4: Wrestlenomics Radio - George Barrios' Technocractic Utopia of Entertainment
Show Details2hr 6min
3: Wrestlenomics Radio: Core of the Core
Show Details1hr 30min
2: Wrestlenomics: Cinco de Wrestlenomics (WWE Q1)
Show Details1hr 38min
1: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE Business Partner Summit 2017
Show Details1hr 2min
Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE 2016
Show Details1hr 43min
Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE Q3 Results
Show Details1hr 42min
Wrestlenomics Radio: July Update (UFC Sale, Brexit, Int'l Update)
Show Details1hr 18min
WWE Q1 Results, Emerging Markets Talk, KPI Switches and Worked WrestleMania #s
Show Details1hr 8min
Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE 2015 Results and 2016 Forecasting
Show Details2hr
Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE Q4 Earnings Report
Show Details26min 5s