Winter Ain't Dead

Welcome to “Winter Ain’t Dead,” a podcast hosted by Christian, writer, poet and podcaster, Winter Violet. On this podcast, Winter Violet is able to talk about what’s going on in her life, and her podcast is a place where she can creatively express herself.

All music used in my episodes can be found here: and all images can be found here: (unless other specified).

Toutes les musiquées dans mes épisodes peuvent être trouvés ici :, et toutes les images peuvent être trouvées ici : (sauf indication contraire).


Day Eighteen
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Is This a Life Update?
Show Details15min 47s
Day Seventeen
Show Details3min 18s
Day Sixteen
Show Details3min 57s
Day Fifteen
Show Details3min 29s
Day Fourteen
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Day Thirteen
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Day Twelve
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Day Eleven
Show Details1min 9s
Day Ten
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A Special Announcement!
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Day Nine
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Day Eight
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Day Seven
Show Details2min 9s
Day Six
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Day Five
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Day Four
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Day Three
Show Details9min 19s
The Release of "Whispers in the Abyss"
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Day Two
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Day One
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One-Year Podcast Anniversary (part four)!
Show Details50min 6s
One-Year Podcast Anniversary (part three)!
Show Details40min 45s
One-Year Podcast Anniversary (part two)!
Show Details53min 58s
One-Year Podcast Anniversary!
Show Details41min 32s
Special Announcement + Mini Update (????)
Show Details7min 34s
My Accounting Test Grade, Instrumental Music and Writing!
Show Details15min 38s
Instrumental Beats
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We Stand a Productive Queen
Show Details15min 29s
Book Recommendations, Season Eight, and New Projects!
Show Details8min 56s
Reasons Why (I Think) My Old Podcast Failed
Show Details5min 5s
Third Time's the Charm?
Show Details13min 14s
Dear Diary (TW: Suicide)
Show Details2min 55s
An Untitled Three-Day Recording
Show Details25min 5s
I Thought I Would Die - A Poem
Show Details2min 55s
Another Set of Late Night Recordings
Show Details17min 5s
Listen To Me Practice The Flute
Show Details9min 54s
Audio Vlogging, Pre-Orders and More!
Show Details34min 48s
A Relaxing Reading Night + A Writing Sprint
Show Details20min 21s
Book Recommendations, Summer Classes and a Reading Vlog
Show Details20min 50s
Editing, Podcasting and eCommerce Platforms and the Spring Semester is Almost Over!
Show Details34min 4s
Oh Honey, I Am Not Fine
Show Details33min 17s
If You Want To Start a Podcast and or YouTube Channel, Then Start One
Show Details11min 49s
Signs of a Toxic Relationship
Show Details16min 32s
Lack of Motivation, School, Depression, Anxiety and a Toxic Relationship
Show Details25min 36s
2/2 Episodes I Recorded To Help Me Feel Better
Show Details20min 46s
1/2 Episodes I Recorded To Help Me Feel Better
Show Details8min 35s
A Little About School and My Current Works in Progress (A Two-Day Recording)
Show Details21min 47s
Sunday Night Recording
Show Details7min 37s
Reading From One of my Many Notebooks
Show Details12min 22s
Sunday Reading
Show Details2min 23s
Friendship, Feeling Productive and Scrivener
Show Details6min 56s
The Little Blue Book
Show Details7min 27s
Singing, Spoken Word Poetry, Bible Verse, School and Dreams!
Show Details7min 17s
Getting Back Grades, My Best and Worst Purchases and More!
Show Details13min 6s
Five-Minute Writing Sprint
Show Details5min 3s
Changing Projects for Camp NaNoWriMo
Show Details3min 35s
Reading From an Old Notebook
Show Details3min 32s
Camp NaNoWriMo, French, and More!
Show Details13min
The Field of No Tomorrow - The English Sonnet
Show Details3min 59s
L'épisode En Français
Show Details5min 50s
Poetry in Class, and the Start of Another Poem
Show Details5min 31s
Instrumental Pieces
Show Details5min 29s
I Felt Like Recording, Research With Me, and a Podcast "Flashback"
Show Details21min 1s
Reading from the Bible & Having a Slight Internal Dilemma
Show Details16min 16s
Write With Me (Winter Violet)
Show Details10min 51s
Monday, February 22nd, 2021 / Lundi, le 22 Février, 2021
Show Details7min 10s
Who's Winter Violet?
Show Details5min 13s
i dont want to be a burden
Show Details36s
its like im always doing an update episode lol
Show Details1min 56s
it snuck into my dream
Show Details31s
Show Details6min 58s
school, youtube, podcasting and more!
Show Details13min 51s
Exclusive Content Part Two
Show Details1min 33s
The Breath of Fresh Air
Show Details9min 37s
Exclusive Content - Bandcamp
Show Details5min 10s
i thought we were supposed to talk about this
Show Details41s
it didnt had to be like this
Show Details3min
im constantly covered in red hair dye
Show Details25s
i dont have the option to say "no"
Show Details30s
Content, Baby Content!
Show Details1min 51s
is this normal for a romantic relationship?
Show Details33s
my sweetest kind of pain
Show Details27s
i wasnt enough for you to crave
Show Details27s
ice cold
Show Details28s
my sadness consumes me
Show Details12min
im dying on the inside. cant you see it?
Show Details33s
you guys dont care about me and i know it
Show Details28s
call me by my name
Show Details28s
fresh starts... or is it?
Show Details4min 22s
Show Details2min 56s
it was just an argument
Show Details28s
it took me two and a half years to finally leave you
Show Details25s
why did you leave her?
Show Details40s
Hey! It's Me!
Show Details5min 14s
am i doing what i am called to do?
Show Details28s
you just left me
Show Details28s
why did you do it?
Show Details25s
multiple suicide attempts later
Show Details25s
ive proved you wrong, didnt i?
Show Details38s
is anything in this world really important?
Show Details25s
i never truly knew you
Show Details25s
stop trying to replace my father
Show Details25s
a survivor of domestic violence
Show Details25s
all i said was 'no'
Show Details27s
sometimes i wonder what i was thinking
Show Details4min 10s
Show Details1min 3s
cutting is low key my obsession
Show Details27s
why am i doing this?
Show Details1min 16s
my days are not the same... or are they?
Show Details1min 28s
my thoughts
Show Details1min 14s
my emotions are as infrequent as the weather
Show Details28s
Show Details43s
i am not here
Show Details25s
what is fiction anyway?
Show Details31s
the dead sunflower
Show Details1min 38s
drift away
Show Details29s
born again
Show Details34s
poems to the end of the earth
Show Details7min 25s
ive survived
Show Details37s
Show Details30s
Show Details29s
Show Details28s
you left me
Show Details30s
Show Details25s
im free
Show Details29s
Show Details29s
bonus episode
Show Details2min 52s
Show Details31s
Show Details27s
work, work, work
Show Details48s
red hair dye
Show Details31s
Show Details2min 18s
Show Details25s
a toxic relationship
Show Details32s
Show Details5s
Show Details25s
Show Details27s
Show Details28s
an abusive relationship
Show Details30s
Season Six - Roses and Thorns
Show Details25s
Last Minute Typing Because Why Not
Show Details3min 32s
November 14th - 15th, 2020
Show Details1min 21s
November 6th, 2020
Show Details6min 27s
November 1st, 2020
Show Details2min 38s
Oct. 27th to Oct. 28th, 2020
Show Details3min 31s
The Angel
Show Details45s
October 20th, 2020
Show Details2min 31s
October 19th, 2020
Show Details1min 29s
October 18th, 2020
Show Details44s
October 13th, 2020
Show Details57s
October 12th, 2020
Show Details2min 30s
October 10th, 2020
Show Details2min 27s
October 9th, 2020
Show Details2min 54s
October 5th, 2020
Show Details50s
October 3rd, 2020
Show Details1min 22s
October 1st, 2020
Show Details2min 22s
Season Five Trailer
Show Details12s
Last Episode of Season Four??
Show Details3min 15s
Season Four: Episode Twenty-Six
Show Details4min 55s
Listen to me type for 3 minutes and 13 seconds
Show Details3min 14s
Echoes in the Darkness Update
Show Details2min 26s
Show Details5min 46s
A Quick Update
Show Details2min 49s
It's Just Me Typing... No, really, it is
Show Details34min 20s
Sunday Sept 6th to Monday Sept 7th, 2020
Show Details5min 56s
Three Day Recording and Flute Playing
Show Details12min 35s
Recording on an Unexpected Day
Show Details8min 52s
I'm Writing Stuff!
Show Details4min 5s
Echoes in the Darkness
Show Details5min 44s
How I Started my Podcast
Show Details4min 29s
Hey Look! I'm Playing the Flute
Show Details4min 27s
Look at that. A list episode
Show Details4min 5s
Scheduling for my Podcast
Show Details2min 23s
About my Novel
Show Details5min 40s
Show Details1min 4s
New Releases
Show Details2min 51s
My New Website! - An Announcement
Show Details28s
Flames and Ashes
Show Details2min 10s
A New and Improved Intro
Show Details1min 22s
Show Details50s
Update & Writing
Show Details1min 37s
Fun and Games
Show Details2min 10s
Dear Diary... But Relaxed?
Show Details3min 37s
Some Juicy Poems
Show Details1min 23s
What's on my iPod Touch 7th Generation
Show Details5min 16s
Plans for the Day
Show Details4min 56s
New Creative Project
Show Details4min 40s
Dear Diary - The Butterfly Effect
Show Details3min 39s
Dear Diary
Show Details3min 31s
Today's Plans
Show Details53s
Writing Software and a New Novel!
Show Details3min 55s
What Should I Name This Episode?
Show Details1min 10s
Can You Tell idk What to Name These Episodes Anymore?
Show Details3min 47s
Season Three Episode Ten
Show Details2min 29s
Both Mics Side by Side
Show Details2min 43s
Get to know me tag
Show Details3min 40s
Another Untitled Poem
Show Details2min 3s
Bonus Episode
Show Details1min 43s
Untitled Podcast Episode
Show Details7min 12s
Untitled - A Poem
Show Details15s
Reading my Old Writing
Show Details15min 3s
Show Details20s
Show Details9min 23s
Untitled (Another Poem)
Show Details38s
Prince Charming - A Poem
Show Details20s
Show Details2min 50s
Season Three - Trailer
Show Details4s
Her Last Song
Show Details2min 34s
Announcement - Bonus
Show Details1min 20s
Tape 4 Side 2
Show Details47s
Tape 4 Side 1
Show Details39s
Tape 3 Side 2
Show Details51s
Tape 3 Side 1
Show Details52s
Tape 2 Side 2
Show Details47s
Tape 2 Side 1
Show Details42s
Tape 1 Side 2
Show Details47s
Tape 1 Side 1
Show Details43s
Season Two - Trailer
Show Details24s
The Call
Show Details50s
Show Details3min 3s
Show Details39s
Camp NaNoWriMo
Show Details3min 12s
Promises - Poem
Show Details20s
Ticking Time Bomb - Poem
Show Details32s
Untitled - A Poem
Show Details52s
Antidotes to Fear of Living - A Poem
Show Details51s
Music (part two)
Show Details1min 10s
Show Details2min 17s
Winter Ain't Dead - Trailer
Show Details17s