You & Your Life

Sarah Ruffi otherwise known as the Woman Warrior Lawyer is a motivated attorney, mother, speaker, author, and host of the podcast You & Your Life. She strives to help you achieve more success for yourself than you could've ever dreamt of as well as helping professional people and women to balance their personal lives with their professional lives. Sarah has been a practicing attorney since 1996 and opened her law firm in 2004. Sarah is also a certified Jack Canfield Trainer and has spoken at multiple events around the country. She wrote a book called "Be Happy in Both Worlds, You Can Have a Successful Career and a Happy Family" that has accumulated a following of its own and is being read by many professionals and used by teachers in their classes for their students and courses.


#23 Trey Turner | I Am In a Band With My Twin Called the Icarus Account
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#22 Thomas Burg | He Brought Down Corrupt Politicians
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#21 Cathleen Elle | I Am an Author of 3 International Books
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#20 Brayson Verzella | I Deal in Cryptocurrency and Real Estate
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#19 Tam Strydom | I Am a Citizen of the World
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#18 Stacy Summers | I Own a Fitness Center and Help People Help Themselves
Show Details42min 4s
#17 Alexia Pfeiffer | I'm a High Schooler With a Successful Children's book
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#16 Dan Joling | I Was the 1st Police Chief in My Area
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You & Your Life Podcast #14 | I Am a Two Time Author and a Certified Student of Life, Jovie Sumner
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You & Your Life Podcast #12 | I Am One of the Top Salesmen in the Middle East, Mahdi Murad
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You & Your Life Podcast #11 | I Am a Comical Ambassador for A Seemingly Sad Topic, Cemetery Gary
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You & Your Life Podcast #10 | I Am the Owner and Master Luthier at Geeks4Guitars, Jason Burgess
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You & Your Life Podcast #9 | I May Be an Attorney, But I'm a Teacher at Heart, David Krekeler
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You & Your Life Podcast #8 | I Have Beat 10 People at 1 time, Nathan Halama
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You & Your Life Podcast #7 | I Moved From Russia to the USA, Tatyana Wetzel
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You & Your Life Podcast #6 | I Love It When Words Do What We Want Them To Do, Phil Ransom
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You & Your Life Podcast #5 | I Worked for the IRS to Help People, Maddie Brown
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You & Your Life Podcast #4 | I Was a Teacher in Poland and Now in the USA, Sylwia Konopko
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You & Your Life Podcast #3 | I Broke 8 World Records, Steve Ruppel
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You & Your Life Podcast #2 | I Hid From Terrorist Snipers in a Taxi, Payam
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You & Your Life Podcast #1 | I Was an Exchange Student from Brazil in the USA, Ezi Monteiro Barrato
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