Meditation Infusions Podcast

Meditation Infusions Podcast Series is all about your journey into wholeness. Creating guided meditations, sound explorations and poems that support and nourish your entire being.

The sound frequencies are healing and beneficial for your body, mind and soul. There is no religious influence in the meditations, it has simply been created in a state of love and pure connection.

The meditations fast track alpha, theta and delta states, connecting to your subconscious mind. Tapping to the infinite reservoirs of your imagination and creativity.

Meditation Infusions will support you to rest, rejuvenate and regenerate your entire body/mind systems.

Please do not drive or operate machinery whilst listening to these meditations. When listening, please make sure that you are either sitting or lying down comfortably in a safe space.


Release and Receive Meditation
Show Details15min 46s
Gratitude Within Meditation
Show Details11min 13s
Relaxation Within Meditation
Show Details8min 8s