The Clinical Social Work Journal Podcast: Episode 6

44m | Dec 16, 2022

The Clinical Social Work Journal Podcast: Episode 6

Welcome to the Clinical Social Work Journal Podcast! This podcast interviews the author or authors about their work being published in the Clinical Social Work Journal and explores further its connection to clinical social work and other aspects of the profession. Thank you for joining us and we are excited about this opportunity to share the exciting work being done in social work.


In this episode, Dr. Melissa Grady (EIC of the Clinical Social Work Journal) meets with author Dr. Michelle Newcomb to discuss her article, “How to be Yourself: Student Perspectives on Learning Use of Self"

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Links for Dr. Michelle Newcomb: 

Research of Michelle Newcomb:,_Michelle.html

Blog post about Michelle Newcomb’s PhD research, which the Use of Self paper came out of:

 Michelle Newcomb has also just produced for the Australian Broadcast Commission (ABC) on self care:

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