The Clinical Social Work Journal: Episode 3

49m | Sep 29, 2022

Welcome to the Clinical Social Work Journal Podcast! This podcast interviews the author or authors about their work being published in the Clinical Social Work Journal and explores further its connection to clinical social work and other aspects of the profession. Thank you for joining us and we are excited about this opportunity to share the exciting work being done in social work.


In this episode, Dr. Melissa Grady (EIC of the Clinical Social Work Journal) meets with author Christopher T. Thyberg to discuss his article, "Examining Racial Differences in Internalizing and Externalizing Diagnoses for Children Exposed to Adverse Childhood Experiences" 

To read this article, click:

Additional articles, links, and resources mentioned this podcast:

Center for Disease Control Adverse Childhood Experiences information and resources:

Philadelphai Adverse Childhood Experiences Study:

Critical race theory:

Kolivoski, K. M., Weaver, A., & Constance-Huggins, M. (2014). Critical race theory: Opportunities for application in social work practice and policy. Families in society95(4), 269-276.

Article by Monique Constance-Huggins on social work education's use of CRT.

Book: Critical Race Theory: An Introduction, Delgado & Stefancic

Cultural humility:

"Cultural Humility: People, Principles and practices" is a 30 minute documentary

The University at Buffalo School of Social Work has a webpage on cultural humility: 

Bernard citation for culturally sensitive ACEs:

Bernard, D.L., Calhoun, C.D., Banks, D.E. et al. Making the “C-ACE” for a Culturally-Informed Adverse Childhood Experiences Framework to Understand the Pervasive Mental Health Impact of Racism on Black Youth. Journ Child Adol Trauma 14, 233–247 (2021). 

Contact information of Christopher T. Thyberg:



Christopher T. Thyberg has additional articles, one on CRT in school social work and another related to ACEs, with citations available on his webpage. 

Contact information of Dr. Melissa Grady:


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