Duck Duck Shark

In this podcast we talk about everything from Anime to Video games, Sharks to Potatoes. The sky is the limit and what is discussed is basically whatever comes to mind. Don't be surprised if I am all over the place or stuck on one subject. Please be advised.

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Duck Duck Shark 16 - Zags Vs Baylor, Stonk market, Harassing myself
Show Details14min 32s
Duck Duck Shark 15 - Stocks Volitiling, Rambling, Wikipedia
Show Details15min 9s
Duck Duck Shark 14 - Stock Market Recovering, Bethesda joins Microsoft, and I talk to my dog
Show Details17min 44s
Duck Duck Shark 13 - Stock market Plummets, Anime exposure, and Theta Waves
Show Details17min 54s
Duck Duck Shark 12 ft. My Mom - Podcasting, Social Media, and Moving
Show Details19min 44s
Duck Duck Shark #11 - GameStop Stock shenanigan's, Hitman 3, and more Attack on Titan
Show Details15min 2s
Duck Duck Shark 10 - getting back into Scuba diving, Hitman 3, and a forgotten mystery
Show Details14min 1s
Duck Duck Shark 9 - Hitman 3, The Medium, and we discuss whale sharks!
Show Details14min 21s
Duck Duck Shark 8 - We actually discuss sharks! Oculus Time, Mi Padre Simulator update
Show Details16min 17s
7. Duck Duck Shark - The Office has said Bye Bye to Netflix, and I discuss my inventory stock issues.
Show Details13min 25s
6. Duck Duck Shark New Years - My top 10 2020 games, Cyberpunk Lawsuit, and a special caller comes by.
Show Details16min 35s
5. Duck Duck Shark - Cyberpunks Goovy, Christmas Movies and a song that makes you go yay!
Show Details17min 28s
4. Duck Duck Shark - Dogs, Games and Siri wont be quiet
Show Details19min 47s
3. Duck Duck Shark - Cyberpunk first impressions and a phone call that inflates my ego.
Show Details17min
2. Duck Duck Shark - Contacting mi padre and talking about entitlement.
Show Details16min 27s
1. Duck Duck Shark - Welcome to the weird side
Show Details19min 2s