Crime Salad Podcast

Crime Salad is a true crime podcast, delivering a healthy portion of crime every other week on Wednesday. Hosted by Ashley and Ricky.


Doomsday Cult Mom: Lori Vallow
Show Details29min 8s
Missing: Kyron Horman
Show Details53min 42s
Dating Game Killer
Show Details8min 32s
Comic Book Killer: Blake Leibel
Show Details22min 13s
Missing: Heidi Broussard & Baby Margo
Show Details28min 3s
Hidden in Plain Sight: Gregory Jean Jr
Show Details16min 24s
Disappearance of: Jaime Feden
Show Details20min 26s
The Sleepwalking Murderer: Kenneth Parks
Show Details25min 14s
Introducing Detective Trapp
Show Details8min 41s
The Exorcism of: Anneliese Michel
Show Details22min 14s
Murder of: Esmeralda Gonzalez
Show Details18min 36s
Murder of : Martha Moxley
Show Details18min 19s
Missing Case of: Savannah Spurlock
Show Details17min 23s
Serial Killer: Shawn Grate
Show Details26min 51s
Murder of: Skylar Neese
Show Details29min 21s
Murder of: Kelsey Berreth
Show Details23min 50s
Murder of: Valerie Reyes
Show Details18min 49s
Murder of: Kelly-Anne Bates
Show Details20min 19s
Murder of: Lauren McCluskey
Show Details20min 17s
Murder of: Brandi Dunn
Show Details20min 56s
Murder of: Brandy Stevens
Show Details22min 3s
Killers of: Manitoba
Show Details20min 40s
Murder of: Sydney Loofe
Show Details21min 14s
Mysterious Death of: Dakota James
Show Details20min 5s
Murder of: Martin Duram
Show Details20min 24s
The Story of: Skylar Richardson
Show Details23min 5s
Disappearance of: Mackenzie Lueck
Show Details21min 37s
Murder of: Ana Kriegel
Show Details28min 5s
Kidnapping of: Katie Beers
Show Details28min
Disappearance of: Jennifer Dulos
Show Details25min 47s
Missing and Murdered: Elizabeth Shelley
Show Details24min 52s
Disappearance of: Maleah Davis
Show Details24min 52s
Prom Night Murders: Jeff Pelley
Show Details23min 8s
Mysterious Death of: Michelle Castillo
Show Details20min 1s
Murder of: Jessie Blodgett
Show Details25min 51s
Cannibal Killer: Katherine Knight
Show Details38min 49s
Child Killer: Diane Downs
Show Details22min 8s