I Swear This Will Make Sense...

You know when you're at a party and you meet a stranger and have a really good conversation with them about something or other and then never see them again because they disappear into the night? Every week we try and recreate that. Two friends trying to make sense of a different topic each episode. We can't promise that we'll have a point, but we can promise a good talk. Our Instagram is @ItWillMakeSensePod and our website is 


Making Sense of Music
Show Details56min 6s
Making Sense of Family
Show Details37min 51s
Making Sense of Self-Care
Show Details41min 37s
Making Sense of the Classics in Art
Show Details38min 49s
Making Sense of Nature & the Outdoors
Show Details39min 12s
Making Sense of Life in our 20s
Show Details38min 42s
Making Sense of Art and Aesthetics
Show Details40min 3s
Making Sense of Conspiracy Theories
Show Details40min 20s
Making Sense of Anxiety
Show Details40min 49s
Making Sense of This Podcast
Show Details37min 53s