Episode 7: What is the Art Really Doing, Here?

Season 1 | Episode 7
49m | Jan 4, 2022

Episode 7 of #CreatorsInCovid features a journalist, Olivia Monahan, who did the WORK in 2020. She and other journos in the field at the time helped us learn so much about the injustices happening as the world protested #georgefloyd 's murder and #policebrutailty.

But Liv Monahan is a scarred warrior who is now on an existential journey to define her place in journalism and the world.

Join us as we discuss the work, and the toll it has taken. What happens when the craft you loved is no longer bringing the joy you once knew?

Find out in Creators in COVID Episode 7: What is the Art Really Doing, Here?

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The Creators in COVID is engineered and edited by Bryan Archilla.

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