Think Like A King

This is a no bullshit tough love self improvement and business focused podcast.

Made by a dude for dudes. We focus on being the best version of yourself in all aspects of life. Learn everything from how to fix your lazy mind all the way to making your woman cum hard as fu*k

Business, Entrepreneurship, Motivation, Education, Real life examples from the King himself.

I might seem a little mean or rude, or both. I am, enjoy it.

I'm not going to talk to you like a little bitch, I'm going to speak to you like a goddamn man.


What I mean when I say to be a "KING"
Show Details28min 23s
How to get a lil extra cash comin in
Show Details37min 41s
How to be the person you NEED to be
Show Details1hr 4min
Make better fucking decisions
Show Details24min 31s
Life Wants To Fuck You. And NOT in a good way.
Show Details22min 43s
Make what you NEED what you WANT
Show Details18min 9s
Show Details32min 21s
Should you use Psychedelics?
Show Details32min 29s
You're probably not ACTUALLY depressed...
Show Details37min 42s
HOW and WHY I stopped smoking WEED
Show Details11min 45s
Health and Fitness. Why you're probably doing it WRONG
Show Details38min 4s
Episode 5 - I'm fucking sad. Here's what I'm doing about it.
Show Details23min 59s
Episode 4 - What FIRES you up?
Show Details17min 8s
Episode 3 - Why YOU'RE not SUCCESSFUL. What's Holding you back?
Show Details17min 19s
Episode 2 - How I'm getting AHEAD
Show Details20min 37s
Episode 1 - Podcast Overview. Why did I start
Show Details5min 46s