Riftwake: A 5e Dungeons & Dragons Podcast

Welcome to the world of Riftwake, a world both beautiful and cruel. In this D&D 5e podcast, a party of four tries not to kill too many innocents on their adventures. Published every other Sunday 1pm UTC.


[Arc 2] Episode 16: Landing
Show Details1hr 32min
[Arc 2] Episode 15: Bruised
Show Details1hr 4min
[Arc 2] Episode 14: Troll God
Show Details45min 31s
[Arc 2] Episode 13: Frozen
Show Details56min 16s
[Arc 2] Episode 12: Handerholt
Show Details59min 29s
[Arc 2] Episode 11: The White Wolf
Show Details46min 23s
[Arc 2] Episode 10: The Krag
Show Details47min 32s
[Arc 2] Episode 9: A Chilly Wind
Show Details49min 41s
[Arc 2] Episode 8: Diplomacy
Show Details1hr 8min
[Arc 2] Episode 7: Syl's Specialties
Show Details1hr 26min
[Arc 2] Episode 6: Petrified
Show Details1hr 4min
[Arc 2] Episode 5: Bolt to the Head
Show Details55min 14s
[Arc 2] Episode 4: The Ghost in the Glass
Show Details47min 1s
[Arc 2] Episode 3: Blackthorn
Show Details1hr 1min
[Arc 2] Episode 2: Of Dogs and Kings
Show Details1hr 2min
[Arc 2] Episode 1: The Blight
Show Details1hr 44min
[Vetrum] Episode 4: The Ending (Behind the Scenes)
Show Details1hr 48min
[Vetrum] Episode 4: The Ending
Show Details1hr 32min
[Vetrum] Episode 3: The Capital
Show Details1hr 24min
[Vetrum] Episode 2: The Slog
Show Details2hr 38min
[Vetrum] Episode 1: The Siege
Show Details1hr 34min
[Vetrum] Episode 0
Show Details1hr 37min
Arc 1 Overview
Show Details52min
[Arc 1] Episode 21: Uninvited Guests
Show Details1hr 27min
[Arc 1] Episode 20: A Doric Problem
Show Details1hr 6min
[Arc 1] Episode 19: Knockout!
Show Details47min 43s
[Arc 1] Episode 18: Plans for Dangers Ahead
Show Details1hr 6min
[Arc 1] Episode 17: Returning
Show Details40min 35s
[Arc 1] Episode 16: Danger's Grasp
Show Details1hr 28min
[Arc 1] Episode 15: Among Friends
Show Details59min 45s
[Arc 1] Episode 14: Obliteration
Show Details57min 31s
[Arc 1] Episode 13: Resolution
Show Details1hr 2min
[Arc 1] Episode 12: Consequences
Show Details1hr 12min
[Arc 1] Episode 11: A Foggy Night
Show Details1hr 29min
[Arc 1] Episode 10: That Poor Horse
Show Details1hr 12min
Character Sendoffs: Minreth
Show Details28min 5s
[Arc 1] Episode 9: A Bloody Robbery
Show Details1hr 14min
[Arc 1] Episode 8: Into the Depths
Show Details2hr 11min
[Arc 1] Episode 7: Welcome to Dren
Show Details2hr 14min
[Arc 1] Episode 6: The Town of Glass
Show Details1hr 50min
Patreon Sample: Episode 5 (Behind the Scenes)
Show Details6min 25s
[Arc 1] Episode 5: Doric & Sally
Show Details1hr 43min
[Arc 1] Episode 4: A Dark Night
Show Details2hr 8min
Riftwake @ Theriacon 2019
Show Details2hr 31min
Rifts & Rules: Intro
Show Details2min 42s
[Arc 1] Episode 3: A Race Sullied
Show Details1hr 51min
[Arc 1] Episode 2: Missing
Show Details2hr 2min
[Arc 1] Episode 1: A Burning City
Show Details1hr 50min