A.M. sisters Podcast

Welcome to the A.M. sisters podcast, hosted by the twin sisters Ana and Maria Sarem. Here you will find our heart to heart conversations on diverse topics including identity, self-development, lifestyle and culture. We hope this podcast inspires you, instigates new thoughts, and brings you value.

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Ep.20 - Facing the past and decolonizing our minds
Show Details25min 12s
Ep.19 - Mental Health Awareness - principles of nonviolence and kindness
Show Details27min 45s
Ep.18 - Times of change: our personal stories and advice
Show Details29min 15s
Ep.17 - Are you beautiful? Uncovering social conditioning
Show Details30min 27s
Ep.16 - A letter to your younger self - words of wisdom and encouragement
Show Details29min 48s
Ep.15 - Magnificent Earth - sustainability and reconnection with nature
Show Details33min 8s
Ep.14 - How are you stopping yourself from greatness?
Show Details28min 14s
Ep.13 - Setting healthy boundaries - more than just saying “no”
Show Details25min 28s
Ep.12 - Food for the soul - the magic of cooking, food, and memories
Show Details28min 38s
Ep.11 - The power of storytelling
Show Details30min 59s
Ep.10 - Spring Equinox - Saint Patrick, pagan celebrations and spring rituals
Show Details28min 44s
Ep.9 - Women’s History Month - storytelling, healing and the health care system
Show Details33min 31s
Ep.8 - Overcoming sadness and the lows in life in 5 steps
Show Details43min 49s
Ep.7 - Adulting - lessons we’ve learned in our early 20s
Show Details38min 42s
Ep.6 - DNA test results, ancestry and identity
Show Details34min 14s
Ep. 5 - Valentine’s Day - origin and differences between Japan, Korea and Brazil
Show Details49min 13s
Ep.4 - LOVE - styles of attachment, love languages and self-love
Show Details42min 25s
Ep.3 - Supernatural: spirituality and holistic healing
Show Details1hr 2min
Ep.2 - Identity and self-acceptance: Feeling good in your own skin
Show Details38min 36s
Ep.1 - Manifestation and creating a vision board
Show Details33min 9s
Intro - Welcome to the A.M. sisters podcast!
Show Details2min 24s