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A Total Degenerate Podcast

Mike Ellison is a stand up comedian by night and a pizza delivery man by day. Most importantly, he's a loveable degenerate gambler 24/7.


Comedy Cry Babies
Show Details42min 44s
Queen's Wet Dream
Show Details43min 17s
Shit Stain Steve
Show Details46min 2s
Justice for Sho
Show Details46min 4s
I hope you have pennies
Show Details48min
TV Show rage
Show Details39min 15s
The NFL Draft with Rich Dumais
Show Details1hr 3min
The Um Cast
Show Details49min 54s
My brand new shitbox
Show Details43min 10s
The benefits of eavesdropping
Show Details45min 26s
You can't beat the mouse
Show Details40min 21s
Put up 60
Show Details42min 25s
Lump Call
Show Details48min 11s
What's a Grand Marshal
Show Details42min 43s
The Parent Leash
Show Details46min 47s
Rat on a wheel
Show Details58min 55s
Where the Bison roam
Show Details47min
Bagel Brawls
Show Details39min 8s
Big Momma's Chili Cook-Off
Show Details39min 56s
Blizzard Hero
Show Details46min 36s
It's over grace
Show Details34min 12s
Show Details40min 51s
Nuanced Pizza Options
Show Details42min 1s
Eminem's Grandma
Show Details39min 19s
Delivery Dominance
Show Details46min 20s
Enough Marvel Movies
Show Details44min 57s
12 Days of Pizza
Show Details49min 15s
Charity Chew Toys
Show Details44min 37s
New Truck New Me
Show Details50min 12s
Dog Moms
Show Details42min 11s
They Burned the Town Down
Show Details50min 25s
Halloween Hell
Show Details46min 28s
Say No To Zoning Change Protests
Show Details48min 18s
Show Details51min 48s
Training Day
Show Details46min 25s
The Sopranos Authority
Show Details57min 44s
Lone Survivor
Show Details47min 23s
Stockholm Syndrome
Show Details50min 9s
Blue Clues
Show Details42min 49s
BONUS EPISODE: Degenerate Reunion
Show Details1hr 14min
Fake Pop Tarts
Show Details44min 44s
Queen Prosecco
Show Details44min 22s
Hurricane Horseshit
Show Details46min 30s
Lobotomy Dad
Show Details45min 47s
Gross Malone
Show Details45min 50s
Weight Loss Journey
Show Details46min 28s
Barney the bull
Show Details43min 12s
Summer Sucks
Show Details45min 46s
Four Loco Joe
Show Details55min 27s
Mike Meets Big Bird
Show Details49min 28s
The Rules of Bloody Marys
Show Details50min 54s
Father's Day Fencin'
Show Details45min 54s
Hey, You Never Know
Show Details45min 25s
Dog Food Guy Goes to Thailand
Show Details1hr 6min
Gimmie a special, Netflix.
Show Details44min 11s
12 Year olds on meth
Show Details53min 16s
I'm sorry I ruined your life
Show Details55min 4s
At war with my mechanic
Show Details53min 33s
How to hold a pizza box
Show Details54min 51s
The Douchey Villager
Show Details42min 50s
Look Q We Have Here
Show Details1hr 11min
37 Blind Nuns
Show Details49min 32s
Stand-up Stories
Show Details50min 44s
COVID Vaccine Photoshoots
Show Details44min 24s
Prostitute Covid Protocols
Show Details52min 1s
Old Man on a Bench
Show Details45min 5s
Ma's Meatloaf
Show Details46min 55s
Hollywood Bullshit
Show Details43min 1s
Doctorate in Douchebaggery
Show Details58min 14s
I'm going to war with a Tiktok star
Show Details48min 33s
Super Bowl Hangover!
Show Details46min 7s
Getting a rub and tug in a blizzard
Show Details58min 51s
Do Not Humanize Tom Brady
Show Details56min 23s
Q Curious
Show Details41min 13s
Podcast Groupie
Show Details35min 24s
Senior Discount
Show Details49min 2s
Pete & Re-Pete
Show Details42min 8s
Christmas in a Hotel Room
Show Details44min 19s
Tales of Ladies Night
Show Details44min 54s
Treehouses and Owls
Show Details45min 30s
Swingin' Crowbars
Show Details55min 12s
Drunk Hero
Show Details48min 29s
Fart Jokes
Show Details40min 25s
Tom Hanks Night Terrors
Show Details47min 39s
Gary and his fridge warranty
Show Details56min 43s
Show Details34min 30s
Fuck young parents
Show Details44min
Show Details33min 21s
Pizza is real
Show Details41min 25s
The "L" Word
Show Details51min 37s
Scarf Weather
Show Details45min 15s
Bud & His Grudge
Show Details50min 14s
Buffalo Sucks
Show Details47min 28s
Lickin' Toes
Show Details53min 3s
Pizza Mike vs Born Again Bob
Show Details42min 35s
Landscaper Gangbang
Show Details53min 33s
You Ate At The Strip Club
Show Details1hr 4min
I Make Time
Show Details46min 36s
Dick Pills
Show Details54min 58s
Pigeon Nuggets
Show Details37min 48s
Show Details38min 53s
The Vultures
Show Details53min 2s
Make Mayo Illegal
Show Details43min 29s
Harry Potter
Show Details54min 1s
The Elephant
Show Details1hr 7min
Phase 1 Douche Bags
Show Details50min 1s
Too Much Spaghetti
Show Details45min 44s
Quasi-homeless Hitman
Show Details57min 21s
We need the mob
Show Details50min 38s
Don't invite me to your wedding.
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Mike on the mic 2
Show Details2hr 10min
Mike on the mic
Show Details52min 12s
A Couple of Degenerates 30
Show Details41min 54s
A Couple of Degenerates 29
Show Details46min 30s
A Couple of Degenerates 28
Show Details42min 9s
A Couple of Degenerates 27
Show Details30min 36s
A Couple of Degenerates 26
Show Details40min 10s
A Couple of Degenerates 25
Show Details38min 47s
A Couple of Degenerates 24
Show Details30min 4s
A Couple of Degenerates 23
Show Details51min 1s
A Couple of Degenerates 22
Show Details50min 33s
A Couple of Degenerates 21
Show Details51min 15s
A Couple of Degenerates 20
Show Details42min 20s
A Couple of Degenerates 19
Show Details59min 49s
A Couple of Degenerates 18
Show Details50min 7s
Degenerates 17
Show Details39min 24s
A Couple of Degenerates 16
Show Details49min 4s
A Couple of Degenerates 15
Show Details45min 52s
Degenerates 14
Show Details51min 2s
Degenerates 13
Show Details57min 36s
A Couple of Degenerates 12
Show Details1hr 3min
A Couple of Degenerates 11
Show Details51min 9s
A Couple of Degenerates 10
Show Details45min 32s
A couple of degenerates 9
Show Details33min 11s
Just a degenerate
Show Details34min 29s
A Couple of Degenerates 8
Show Details51min 25s
A Couple of Degenerates 7
Show Details1hr 4min
A Couple of Degenerates 6
Show Details1hr 15min
A Couple of Degenerates 5
Show Details57min 35s
A Couple of Degenerates 4
Show Details1hr 10min
A Couple of Degenerates 3
Show Details1hr 9min
A Couple of Degenerates 2
Show Details47min 59s
A Couple of Degenerates 1
Show Details51min 26s