The Bro-ology podcast

We are a podcast about several different topics including conspiracy theories, paranormal, murderer mysteries and everything in between. We have a dark sense of humor and If you are easily offended this podcast is not for you.


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Scientology part 3
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Holiday F-fest
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Scientology part 2
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Scientology part 1
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Flat Earth
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tv dinners
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L Ron Hubbard Part 2
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Bourne vs Bond
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L Ron Hubbard Part 1
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Hot vs cold weather
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Jack Parsons
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Call of duty
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Alister Crowley
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Bro Smash
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Best Halloween Movies
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The Zombie Apocalypse (a episode from the vault)
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Gandalf vs Dumbledore
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The moon landing
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Problems with the church in 2021
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Dyatlov Pass
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PlayStation vs Xbox
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Military F ups
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Bro-Short:The vaccine mandate
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one of the lost tapes: Top 10 South Carolina urban legends
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our top 5 video game franchise with special guest "t" from gaming driven dad
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Upcoming Episodes
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Bro-short: Best and worst movie remakes
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Criminal Tattoo Culture
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Bro-shorts introduction
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Get to know the bros
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The lost city of Atlantis
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Pro wrestling part II
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Pro wrestling part I
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The satanic panic part 2
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The satanic panic part 1
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DB Cooper
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The Japan suicide forest
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Insane Deaths
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Serial killer Todd Kohlhepp
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The Vatican and the popes
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