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Dear Men: How to Rock Sex, Dating, and Relationships With Women

Advice for smart men on how to succeed with women in sex, dating, relationships, and marriages. Beautiful women give you a peek behind the curtain into what the feminine really craves from the masculine ... and how to give it to us. Personal growth is sexy, haven't you heard? Get in touch at Take our free training for men at


217: When sex is about more than just the sex. (ft. Jason Lange)
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216: Special GuyTalk: Sexual challenge, consciousness work, and relationship
Show Details45min 2s
215: Are you intimidated by her emotions? Here’s what to do (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details53min 13s
214: How does the father wound affect a man? (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details1hr 3min
213: “Why isn’t my wife attracted to me anymore?” (ft. Jason Lange) [replay]
Show Details47min 30s
212: Have you had a disappointing love life? (ft. Dr. Thomas Jordan)
Show Details54min 37s
211: One of the deepest modalities I've encountered thus far (ft. Jessica Hagan)
Show Details1hr 10min
210: Dating after 40 -- turns out it can be better than ever (ft. Jade Chang Sheppard)
Show Details45min 19s
209: "I knew I wanted something different, but didn't know how to get there." (Jason Lange)
Show Details51min 28s
208: GuyTalk: "I used to suck at girls ... and now I don't."
Show Details1hr 12min
207: Staying together for the kids? There are things you should know. (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details53min 7s
206: “Our first sex was terrible ... and here's why I married him” (ft. Anna Rova)
Show Details1hr 6min
205: So an introvert and an extrovert walk into a bar… (ft. Jason Lange)
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204: GirlTalk: Gettin' down and dirty. We're talking blow jobs! [replay]
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203: Let's Get Real Bro: Is the missing piece in your relationship life bros? (ft. Weston Karnes)
Show Details53min 3s
202: 'Our sex life isn't working, but other things in the relationship are. What do we do?' (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details48min 14s
201: 'Life was one big party I wasn't invited to': Overcoming social anxiety (ft. Ryan Black)
Show Details1hr 4min
200: GirlTalk: What makes a man trustable?
Show Details1hr 16min
199: Want to overcome trauma quickly? De-armoring can help (ft. Sunny Ju)
Show Details1hr 7min
198: Want a harder cock more of the time? Screw Viagra. Do this. (ft. Brian Ayers)
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197: How does fatherhood change a man? (ft. Tripp Lanier)
Show Details1hr 16min
196: The “invisible” relationship pattern that can affect everything (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details1hr 9min
195: Good vs. bad couples counseling -- what to know (ft. Figs O'Sullivan)
Show Details55min 10s
194: The "Orgy King" who overcame crippling sexual insecurity (ft. Kenneth Play)
Show Details53min 40s
193: Want freedom from attachment? You can get there. (ft. Tracy Crossley)
Show Details51min 34s
192: Opposites attract, but can they repair? (ft. Azrya & Benjamin Bequer)
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191: Supporting a woman in her sexual pleasure & healing (ft. Violet Lange & Keri Nola) [replay]
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190: Responding to a woman's criticism masterfully (ft. Jason Lange)
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189: GirlTalk: Does size matter?
Show Details50min 15s
188: Want to date well? Getting to the "hard stuff" fast can help (ft. CanWe founder Russ Haywood)
Show Details46min 24s
187: Sex worker talks virgins & threesomes & brothels, oh my! (ft. Alice Little)
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186: GirlTalk: Approaching us in the wild (the "cold approach") [replay]
Show Details1hr 4min
185: A Sex Journal for Couples (ft. Levina Li & Caleb Spaulding) [replay]
Show Details57min 4s
184: GirlTalk: Men, money, and masculinity
Show Details1hr 7min
183: "I'm fine." Handling passive aggression with grace (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details50min
182: Is your partner a survivor of sexual trauma? What to expect & how to help (ft. Violet Lange) [replay]
Show Details1hr 6min
181: What exactly is polarity? We break it down. (ft. Violet Lange) [replay]
Show Details53min 21s
180: Top 3 things we’ve learned after coaching men on sex & relationships for years (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details47min 51s
179: Why’s it so hard for me to approach my wife/partner for sex? (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details58min 29s
178: What's it like to have non-ejaculatory orgasms as a man? (ft. Cam Fraser)
Show Details1hr 5min
177: What's it like being a "wing girl" to thousands of men? (ft. Marni Kinrys, of the Wing Girl Method)
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176: Men, weed, alcohol, and love. (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details41min 53s
175: Repair conversations, MDMA, and love (ft. Jayson Gaddis)
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174: How knowing your "hottest sexual movie" can make for smokin' sex (ft. Celeste Hirschman)
Show Details55min 43s
173: Conscious Cock. What is it and how can it help you? (ft. Kristopher Lovestone)
Show Details1hr 1min
172: Revealing my sex research, one stat at a time (ft. Robbie Kramer)
Show Details1hr 9min
171: Adventures in cross-cultural dating (ft. Robbie Kramer)
Show Details1hr 4min
170: How do you overcome sexual shame? (ft. Becky Carter)
Show Details49min 4s
169: Making after-sex cleanup awesome, one couple at a time (ft. Frances Tang)
Show Details27min 25s
168: From Christian pastor to stripper! How she overcame religious trauma (ft. Nikole Mitchell)
Show Details58min 7s
167: How do I meet women to date in real life (instead of on dating apps)? ft. Camille Virginia
Show Details51min 59s
166: Can psychedelics help heal you? (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details1hr 14min
165: From Air Force Captain to personal growth leader (ft. Bryan Reeves)
Show Details1hr 13min
164: What exactly *is* tantra? (ft. Devi Ward Erickson)
Show Details59min 23s
163: Ever had red-hot sex with someone who's bad for you? (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details49min 11s
162: What's the difference between porn sex and real-life sex? A woman porn director explains (ft. Holly Randall)
Show Details1hr 1min
161: 3 common ways women try to control men in relationships (ft. Simone Milasas)
Show Details54min 26s
160: She went from not wanting sex at all to deep, fulfilling sex (ft. Irene Fehr)
Show Details1hr 3min
159: It happens to boys, too. Somatic therapies to heal from sexual abuse (ft. Rahi Chun)
Show Details1hr 16min
158: How "radical authenticity" can transform your dating & relationship life (ft. Connell Barrett)
Show Details53min 13s
157: How to talk dirty during sex -- while making her feel safe (ft. Ashley Manta) [REPLAY]
Show Details44min 38s
156: The new dating app that gets you more dates! (ft. Zach Schleien of Filter Off)
Show Details33min 35s
155: How to overcome anxious/avoidant attachment in relationship (ft. Dr. Matt Kreinheder)
Show Details53min 25s
154: Can I have female friends when in a relationship? (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details38min 11s
153: Her sexual healing: How to support her *and* get your needs met (ft. Violet Lange)
Show Details1hr 6min
152: GirlTalk: How to go down on a woman so she *loves* it
Show Details1hr 9min
151: Curious about consent? Intimacy Coordinators for sex scenes break it down (ft. Jenifer Yeuroukis & Sarah-Jane Hill)
Show Details41min 16s
150: Want a happy, healthy relationship? This could be holding you back. (ft. Ben Goresky & Mark Wolynn)
Show Details1hr 13min
149: "My wife doesn't want sex anymore." It could be time for this. (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details46min 40s
148: Being a male virgin in your 20s, 30s, or beyond (ft. Jason Lange)
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147: Are you afraid of her emotions? Here’s what’s important to know (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details53min 13s
146: Special GuyTalk/GirlTalk: Ghosting. Let's break it down.
Show Details51min 25s
145: How to "do" attachment well, according to a couples therapist (ft. Ryan Ginn) [REPLAY]
Show Details36min 17s
144: Should you stay together for the kids? (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details51min 23s
143: GirlTalk: Dating apps: Our experience (as straight women)
Show Details1hr 17min
142: Afraid of being called creepy? This could be why (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details50min 50s
141: GuyTalk: Bullying, resilience, and relationships
Show Details1hr 12min
140: The line between her being abusive and her feminine storm (ft. Jason Lange & Violet Lange)
Show Details49min 52s
139: How to Not Die Alone (ft. Logan Ury & Kristen Berman)
Show Details1hr 2min
138: GirlTalk! When should you text her vs. call her? [Replay]
Show Details43min 26s
137: Should you stay friends with her? (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details46min 26s
136: GuyTalk: Dating after divorce
Show Details1hr 9min
135: How being 'disrespectful' could help your sex life (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details50min 43s
134: Feel let down by your partner a lot? This might be why (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details50min 17s
133: GirlTalk: Masturbation!
Show Details54min 59s
132: What if she's not doing the work? Can it work? (ft. Jason Lange & Violet Lange)
Show Details59min 25s
131: Feel like you can never get it right with her? This dynamic could be why (ft. Shana James)
Show Details45min 37s
130: GirlTalk: The best sex we've ever had :)
Show Details1hr 6min
129: Setting boundaries with family. 'Tis the season! (ft. Violet Lange)
Show Details39min 33s
128: Feel like you're walking on eggshells? Recognizing Borderline Personality Disorder (ft. Violet Lange)
Show Details1hr 6min
127: The secret to inspiring your woman to want more sex with you! (ft. Becky Wells) [replay]
Show Details57min 9s
126: If you don't want sex with tons of women, is there something wrong with you? (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details35min 32s
125: 2 sex coaches open up about men, love, and growth (ft. Shana James) [replay]
Show Details53min 11s
124: How to have the women YOU want, want you back
 (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details51min 14s
123: The best therapy to help your sex & love life (might not be what you think) (ft. Z Zoccolante)
Show Details1hr 9min
122: The 3 different kinds of female orgasm! (ft. Melanie Scott) [replay]
Show Details46min 35s
121: A brilliant & inexpensive alternative to couples therapy! (ft. Mark & Ayesha)
Show Details55min 20s
120: What if you're still a virgin (or sexually inexperienced)? (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details52min
119: GirlTalk: Blowjobs! What we like and don't like in oral sex on men
Show Details1hr
118: GirlTalk: Cheating. We get personal.
Show Details1hr 23min
117: What does it look like for *women* to "do the work"? (ft. Violet Lange)
Show Details1hr 1min
116: Dating during COVID-19: how does it work? (ft. Violet Lange)
Show Details1hr 2min
115: Is it easier for men or women to get into a relationship? (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details1hr 2min
114: GirlTalk: The 1 relationship skill to rule them all
Show Details1hr 9min
113: The sexiest vacation you can take (ft. Mario Cruz)
Show Details42min 18s
112: How quitting porn supercharged this man's sex life (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details56min 3s
111: GuyTalk: 3 black men talk sex, dating & relationships (ft. Jules, Graze, and Ahmad)
Show Details1hr 12min
110: GirlTalk: 3 black girls talk dating (ft. Ivy, Nina, and Amber)
Show Details1hr 1min
109: The secret to attracting the right women (and not the wrong ones) ft. Jason Lange [replay]
Show Details1hr
108: The key to dating with ease & overcoming anxiety in sex & relationships [replay]
Show Details1hr 21min
107: Race, Privilege, and Healthy Masculine Leadership (ft. John Wineland, Preston Smiles, Dr. Siri Sat Nam, and Connor Beaton)
Show Details1hr 25min
106: Getting sex back in a sexless relationship (ft. Ken Blackman) [replay]
Show Details59min 11s
105: GirlTalk: When men do this, we get wet! (Yes, really) [replay]
Show Details55min 5s
104: What does it mean to "do the work"? (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details30min 24s
103: Reverse polarity can kill your sex life as a couple -- unless you do this (ft. Violet & Jason Lange)
Show Details1hr 5min
102: BONUS GirlTalk - on men being in their power
Show Details1hr 6min
101: First-ever listener panel! on owning power as a man (ft. Ben, David & Mark)
Show Details1hr 10min
100: Being masculine & having emotions: how to "do" it well (ft. John Schinnerer)
Show Details41min 8s
99: A power couple talks about power in their relationship (ft. Jason & Violet Lange)
Show Details1hr 13min
98: How to boost your sex appeal by owning your power (ft. Kevin O'Malley)
Show Details1hr 12min
97: Using a matchmaker: what to know (ft. Matchmaker May)
Show Details38min 55s
96: How do you date if you have a mental illness? (ft. Jim of
Show Details29min 13s
95: How NLP can dramatically help your sex & love life (ft. Mark Sing)
Show Details37min 24s
94: Real-life sexual healing (ft. Melissa Davison, Certified Sexological Bodyworker)
Show Details34min 8s
93: An unexpected way to improve your dating life quickly (ft.
Show Details42min 7s
92.5: Dr. Robert Glover: 5 essential dating tips for men [REPLAY]
Show Details1hr 4min
92: How to do dirty talk! (ft. Ashley Manta)
Show Details43min 54s
91: Need more touch in your life? Try this (ft. Soleiman)
Show Details36min 49s
90: 2 simple hacks to improve presence in sex (ft. Ashley Manta)
Show Details44min 2s
89: Tantric dating: What is it & how can it help you? (ft. Catherine Auman)
Show Details28min 42s
88: The Truth About Marriage (ft. Roger Nygard)
Show Details51min 45s
87: A fun way to help your woman feel super sexy (ft. Vixen DeVille)
Show Details46min 38s
86: How do you to tell someone you have an STD? (ft. Adrial Dale)
Show Details58min 10s
85: GirlTalk: Men & Money -- an honest dialogue
Show Details1hr 6min
84: How alcohol affects your relationships with women (ft. Omar Pinto)
Show Details1hr 13min
83: What's it like to host a sex party? (ft. Emma Sayle)
Show Details37min 40s
82: If you cultivate this 1 quality, you'll magnetize women (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details31min 33s
81: Overcoming erectile dysfunction & premature ejaculation (ft. Ruwan Meepagala)
Show Details57min 26s
80: Ethical porn: what is it? Why should you watch it? (ft. Liz Lovely of GoodPorn)
Show Details39min 10s
79: GirlTalk: How to "cold approach" well (hitting on women you don't know)
Show Details1hr 3min
78: GuyTalk: Going down on women!
Show Details56min 25s
77: A brilliant invention to help your woman feel FREE during sex! (ft. Emily Sauer)
Show Details50min 8s
76.5: Pain in Pleasure, Pleasure in Pain (ft. Z Zoccolante) [REPLAY]
Show Details55min 2s
76: Sex: what do you do when your woman stops wanting to have it?
Show Details53min 13s
75: GirlTalk: How to NOT be creepy as a dude (and help women feel safe)
Show Details53min 53s
74: How to generate sexual attraction skillfully: polarity in practice (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details49min 38s
73: GirlTalk: Going down on women -- how to make it exquisite
Show Details1hr 9min
72: PeopleTalk: When are you 'ready' to be in a relationship?
Show Details47min 36s
71: A real couple reveals what it's like to go to counseling [REPLAY]
Show Details57min 55s
70: GirlTalk: This skill makes us *fall in love* with a man
Show Details1hr 11min
69: Why talk therapy doesn't always work for men, and what does (ft. Brooke Bergman)
Show Details43min 30s
68: Overcoming porn addiction: one couple's story (ft. The Couple Cure)
Show Details1hr 5min
67: 'GuyTalk' response to the skill that makes us wet (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details48min 30s
66: GirlTalk: When men do this, we get wet.
Show Details55min 5s
65: The secret to attracting the right women (and not the wrong ones) ft. Jason Lange [REPLAY]
Show Details1hr
64: How to inspire your woman to want more sex with you! (ft. Becky Wells)
Show Details57min 9s
63: 5 science-backed ways to boost your testosterone (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details40min 2s
62: What do you do if you're not sure she's "The One"? (ft. Dr. Laura Kasper)
Show Details49min 45s
61: Dr. Robert Glover -- 5 essential dating tips for men
Show Details1hr 4min
60: Masculine/Feminine Polarity (ft. Violet Lange) [replay]
Show Details53min 4s
59: Do you want more touch in your life? (ft. Adam Lippin)
Show Details42min 49s
58: The future of online dating (ft. Eve Peters)
Show Details48min 22s
57: How to get hot sex back into a sexless relationship (ft. Ken Blackman)
Show Details58min 51s
56: Helping your woman have more sexual pleasure! (ft. Violet Lange & Keri Nola)
Show Details1hr 5min
55: A Sex Journal for Couples (ft. Levina Li & Caleb Spaulding)
Show Details57min 4s
54: Behind the scenes with a couples therapist (ft. Ryan Ginn)
Show Details36min 3s
53: How to get over your freaking ex (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details1hr 5min
52: GuyTalk: Have you ever led a woman on?
Show Details1hr 9min
51: GirlTalk: We'd love for men to do this differently
Show Details1hr 26min
50: One man's experience of polyamory (ft. Pierce Delahunt)
Show Details54min 52s
49: The key to dating with ease (for men)
Show Details1hr 21min
48: Who Should Pay On A Date? (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details33min 13s
47 - A love poem for you
Show Details4min 20s
46: GuyTalk: Men's sexual fantasies
Show Details1hr 12min
45: GirlTalk: Real women share their sexual fantasies!
Show Details1hr 11min
44: How a "Nice Guy" Found His Power ... and Got Into the Best Relationship of His Life (ft. Jim Cruzen)
Show Details59min 21s
43: How One Man Found His Purpose (ft. Neil Gordon)
Show Details57min 31s
42: How to Intentionally Attract Your Ideal Partner (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details1hr
41.5: Pain in Pleasure, Pleasure in Pain (ft. Z Zoccolante) [REPLAY]
Show Details55min 2s
41: GirlTalk! When should you text her vs. call her?
Show Details43min 26s
40: Men and purpose: what's the deal? (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details46min 4s
39: Navigating Personal Space vs. Togetherness in Relationship (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details38min 50s
38: GuyTalk: Casual sex -- a male perspective
Show Details43min 44s
37: Secrets of a Sex Researcher
Show Details45min 50s
36: GirlTalk: Casual Sex!
Show Details58min 9s
35: Keeping sex hot in a long-term relationship (ft. Violet Lange)
Show Details54min 18s
34: Men Being Awesome: 9 More Stories
Show Details22min 6s
33: 10 Times Men Have Been Allies to Me
Show Details20min 38s
32: What to say if your woman was assaulted
Show Details55min 5s
31: A real couple reveals what it's like to go to counseling
Show Details57min 55s
30: GirlTalk: How to Flirt Like a Boss ;)
Show Details1hr 2min
29: What it's actually like to be polyamorous
Show Details49min 22s
28: The Day I Outgrew Pickup (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details53min 27s
27: Hacking Masculine Presence (ft. Johnny Blackburn)
Show Details1hr 4min
26: How Men & Women Communicate Differently (ft. Rob Kandell)
Show Details50min 11s
25: GuyTalk: Dating apps - a male perspective
Show Details56min 11s
24: GirlTalk: Dating Apps -- The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Show Details1hr 3min
23: The 3 types of female orgasms (ft. Melanie Scott)
Show Details46min 52s
22: What's really up with "fear of commitment"? (ft. Dr. Laura Kasper)
Show Details45min 48s
21: GirlTalk: How to Soothe an Upset Woman
Show Details50min 56s
20: How to Attract the Right Women (and Not the Wrong Ones) (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details1hr
19: Sex Talk With a Former Professional Dominatrix
Show Details51min 18s
18: The secret to being masculine isn't what you think (ft. Jeffrey Platts)
Show Details53min 28s
17: How to pursue women correctly (ft. Josh Klaasen)
Show Details53min 40s
16: The top 5 things we've learned about men (ft. Shana James)
Show Details53min 30s
15: GirlTalk: We crave this from men, and love when they provide it!
Show Details55min 4s
14: How to be a Man in Relationship Instead of a Boy (ft. Martin Hannon)
Show Details50min 56s
13: Advanced Sexual Practices for Men
Show Details53min 52s
12: How to Help a Shut-Down Woman Open Up
Show Details50min 31s
11: What can male strippers teach us about relationships?
Show Details44min 45s
10: Ghosting! We've gotta talk about it. Special GirlTalk/GuyTalk episode
Show Details51min 43s
9: How to date powerful women (ft. Ken Blackman)
Show Details1hr 4min
8: How to Deal With "Issues" Fast (ft. Dr. Matt Kreinheder)
Show Details52min 47s
7: How Does a Man Get to Balance? (ft. Eivind F. Skjellum)
Show Details34min 9s
6: From "Nice Guy" to Confident With Women & Married to a Goddess (ft. Jason Lange)
Show Details1hr 11min
5: Masculine/Feminine Polarity (ft. Violet Lange)
Show Details53min 4s
4: GuyTalk: 4 Men Respond to GirlTalk
Show Details55min 4s
3: GirlTalk: We love when men do this! Why don't they do it more?!
Show Details51min 28s
2: Pleasurable Sex: A Few Creative Solutions
Show Details43min 2s
1: Pain in Pleasure, Pleasure in Pain (ft. Z Zoccolante)
Show Details54min 32s
Intro: What is this and why should you care?
Show Details7min 25s