The Good Health Cafe

How do I navigate the healthcare system? What do I ask my doctor? What should I do when I'm not being heard? Why does it seem like researchers are unable to make up their minds about the guidance they provide? Our goal is to give you tips on how to navigate the healthcare system and understand other matters of public health in plain language. We will be sharing experiences and having candid conversations with guests on both sides of the health divide: practitioners and those of us they serve. Good Health Cafe conversations will leave you more empowered to take charge of your health and make you a better advocate for yourself and your loved ones. Health is more than healthcare so other topics that will be covered include mental health, health disparities, social issues and so much more. It’s a place for casual, insightful conversations to empower you on your health journey.


How to Talk to Your Doctor
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Can't argue data!
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Male Infertility: The wife’s perspective
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Spilling the beans on the menstrual cycle
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Collective Trauma
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Obesity and Weight Loss Surgery
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You have the skills to advocate
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Understanding mental health
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Understanding knowledge, information and electronic health records
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Conversation with a urologic surgeon (2 of 2)
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Conversation with a urologic surgeon (1 of 2)
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Making the most of your medical appointments
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Conversation with a COVID ICU nurse
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Conversation with a registered nurse
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Welcome to the Good Health Cafe
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