Okay Sis

Okay Sis is a weekly podcast hosted by two sisters, Scout and Mady. Each week, they chat about their current fixations and invite a rad, female guest to join in on the sisterly banter. In the spirit of sororal energy, Scout and Mady touch upon everything and anything - self care, pop culture, business, mental health, books, lifestyle, personal development, skin care - and open up about their lives in a way that is both raw and silly. Okay Sis promotes the idea that women are multi-faceted and can have a diverse set of interests from spirituality to The Bachelor. This is why their guests come from all walks of life - entrepreneurs, authors, reality TV stars, content creators, activists, & more. Welcome to the sisterhood!


Past guests include: Orion Carloto, Esther Povitsky, Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, Koya Webb, Jaci Marie, Chelsea Jade Curtis, Leah Thomas, Lauren Elizabeth, Cynthia Andrew, Minaa B, Sivan Ayla, Olivia Sui, Amanda Stanton, Cassie Randolph, Michelle Randolph, Dom Roberts and the female entrepreneurs behind brands like Dipsea, Comments by Celebs, The Good Trade, Be Social, The Mayfair Group, Brightland, Crown Affair, Seed, Set Active, DedCool, and Bala.



Dame: Closing the Pleasure Gap, Clitoral Stimulation, and Threesomes With Alexandra Fine
Show Details1hr 2min
Mental Health Chats: A Raw and Vulnerable Conversation with Scout's Coach Amy Natalie
Show Details1hr 10min
6 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Podcast
Show Details49min 8s
What Day Is It? YouTube SEO, Managing Clients as a People Pleaser, & The Power of Internships With Bailey & Jacci
Show Details1hr 11min
AMA: Being Off Meds, Least Favorite Thing About Each Other, Leaving Your Full Time Job to Pursue Your Dream
Show Details55min 46s
Olamide Olowe: The Youngest Black Woman to Raise $2M+ in Venture Capital, How to Pitch Yourself to Investors, and the Power of Believing In Yourself
Show Details1hr 6min
Our Best Friends Are on the Podcast! Wild Memories and How to Support Your Friends
Show Details1hr 13min
Margo Oshry: The Snitch Stops By to Chat Bach Nation, Romance Novels, & Being a Dog Mom
Show Details44min 8s
The Okay Sis Sleepover RECAP! ft. Brittany Xavier, Natalie Mariduena, & CBT Workshop With MadHappy!
Show Details33min
Our Thoughts on College: Releasing Shame Around Rejection & Coming Home to Your Authentic Self
Show Details50min 27s
Jessica Zweig: How to Uncover Your Self Worth by Simply Being YOU & The Authentic Art of Personal Brands
Show Details1hr 5min
First Male Okay Sis Guests! Our Significant Others Chatting Longterm Relationships
Show Details1hr 7min
Lily Adel: Buttery Bodysuits, Building Your Own Dream Life, & A CLYQUE Of Girlbosses
Show Details53min 41s
Trinity Mouzon: Wellness Lifestyle With Golde, The Scrappy Entrepreneurial Life, & Working With Your Partner
Show Details55min 17s
Johanna Kandel: Healing From Eating Disorders & The Empowering Reason Why You Are Not Special
Show Details1hr 3min
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The Okay Sis Sleepover Virtual Live Event Ft. Brittany Xavier & Natalie Mariduena!
Show Details24min 47s
How to Sit With Uncomfortable Emotions
Show Details37min 22s
Zuri Hall: How to Interview Celebrities Like Oprah and Jim Carrey, Earning Your Career, & The World of Burnout
Show Details1hr 7min
Not Your Average 2020 Recap! What We Are Taking With Us Into 2021
Show Details1hr
How To Move Into Alignment With Your Productivity Habits, The Pomodoro Method, The Power of Google Calendar, & More!
Show Details44min 33s
Dr. Sheila Nazarian: Plastic Surgery With Natural Results, Female Trailblazing, and How to Own Being a Successful Woman
Show Details1hr 8min
BTS of Okay Sis: What Goes Into Growing a Podcast, Why We Were Anxious To Work Together, And How We Are Off The Microphone
Show Details42min 30s
Alexis Haines Made Us Cry: Collective Healing, Daily & Empathetic Activism, and Maintaining Peace Through Acts of Kindness
Show Details1hr 3min
Dishing Out Advice: Moving In With Your SO, Quitting Your Day Job, & How to Deal With In-Laws
Show Details53min 57s
Orion Carloto: Writing a Book in Paris, The World of Poetry, and Self-Care
Show Details56min 9s
Normalizing Things: Therapy, Sex Workers, Body Hair, Equal Pay, Selfies & More!
Show Details37min 21s
The Mayfair Group: Investing In Yourself, Working With Aligned Clients, Mental Health, & Managing an Agency With Sam Abrahart
Show Details1hr 1min
FIX ME UP: Self-Love: 6 Beautiful Ways to Love Yourself More Today
Show Details48min 12s
Welcome To Okay Sis Podcast!
Show Details2min 22s
Big Kid Problems: The World of Memes, Leaving Your 9-5 To Be Your Own Boss, Being a COVID Bride, and Skincare Chats!
Show Details1hr 5min
Majo Molfino: Breaking Our Good Girl Myths, Revisiting Our Childhoods, and Breaking Self-Sabotaging Habits
Show Details1hr 17min
BONUS: Scout and Mady Talk About Privilege and Their Mission With Okay Sis
Show Details8min 34s
Leah Thomas: Intersectional Environmentalism, Climate Justice, Environmental Racism, & Ways to Honor Sustainability
Show Details1hr 15min
Tracy Scheer: Being a New Mom in Quarantine, Whether or Not to Follow Mommy Bloggers, and Not Giving a Fuck About Gaining Followers
Show Details1hr 5min
Belen Salomon: The Entrepreneurial Mindset Plus Gardening & Style Quarantine Vibes
Show Details54min 16s
Ara Katz: Gut Microbiome 101 and Making Science Sexy With Seed
Show Details1hr 20min
Here's The Thing: UNHINGED Girl Talk & Would You Rather With Alexa and Janet
Show Details59min 13s
Fix Me Up: Virginity Stories, Career Advice, How We Met Our SOs, & A Lot of Singing - Q&A Time!
Show Details1hr 12min
The Optimism Doctor: Deepika Chopra on Toxic Positivity and Accepting the Good!
Show Details1hr 24min
Dianna Cohen: Brand Building and the Art of the Hair Care Routine With Crown Affair
Show Details49min 31s
Annie Chang: From Burnout to Intentional Entrepreneurship With Olea & Fig
Show Details55min 43s
Aurora McClausland: Bisexuality, The Process of Coming Out, and How to Unlearn Your Past Conditionings
Show Details50min 36s
Brightland: Slowing Down and Living in a Golden State, The Lifestyle Behind a Brand, and Good-For-Your-Soul Olive Oil With Aishwarya Iyer
Show Details56min 41s
Tinamarie Clark: How to Sit in the Discomfort With the Shift Stirrer Method & Mady's Spiritual Breakthrough
Show Details1hr 20min
Minaa B: Why You Should Take Time Off, How To Practice Acceptance Not Resistance, and Morning & Night Routines
Show Details1hr 4min
Be Social: How to Build an Agency, Expanding Your Team, Scaling Your Business Growing Pains, & The Business of Influencers With Ali Grant
Show Details59min 15s
Inner Workout: Scout & Mads Share Their Self-Care Assessment Results and Chat Koshas With Taylor Morrison
Show Details1hr 14min
Comments by Celebs: Building a Brand, The Ecosystem of Celebrities on Instagram, & Why They Kept it a Secret for So Long
Show Details1hr 19min
Olivia Sui: Smosh, Improv to YouTube Comedy, a Lot of Giggles, and How Many Times She Showers a Day
Show Details1hr
Esther Povitsky: Glowy, Comedic, Podcasting QUEEN - Basically Sleepover Chat
Show Details1hr 2min
The Good Trade: Nourishment for the Soul, How to Run an Intentional Newsletter, & Sustainable Fashion With Amy Ann Cadwell
Show Details53min 20s
Brianne Patrice: Mental Health for Black Women & From Suicidal to Spiritual
Show Details1hr 12min
HAPPY HOUR: Shani Darden
Show Details36min 30s
Cynthia Andrew: How to Get Paid to Travel, The Power of Asking, & Why You Don't Have to Choose Between the 9-5 and Being an Entrepreneur
Show Details1hr 11min
White Privilege, George Floyd’s Murder, and #BlackLivesMatter: A Conversation with Dom Roberts
Show Details58min 35s
The Culinistas: How to Have a Successful Business Partnership, Reinventing the At-Home Chef Experience, How to Pivot During Quarantine, & WTF is Nooch
Show Details59min 54s
Dipsea: Erotica for Women & Sexual Health With Gina Gutierrez
Show Details1hr 12min
What We Said: Jaci Marie & Chelsey Jade: What Faith Means to Us and the Deal Behind Finding Your Niche
Show Details1hr 13min
HAPPY HOUR: Bianca Valle
Show Details32min 40s
Lauren and Maddie Orlando: Tapping Into the Gen-Z Market!!!
Show Details1hr 9min
Yola Robert: Paving Your Own Way, How to Network, & Writing for Forbes
Show Details1hr 17min
HAPPY HOUR: Diana Espir
Show Details43min 7s
FIX ME UP: Quarantine Realizations and More Porn Recommendations (Oy)
Show Details33min 38s
HAPPY HOUR: Amanda Stanton
Show Details26min 52s
Fix Me Up: Scout & Mads Play Would You Rather & A Lot of Talk About Porn?
Show Details59min 36s
HAPPY HOUR: Charlotte Mckinney!
Show Details31min
FIX ME UP: Emotional Check-In, Scout & Mads Chat Supporting Small Businesses, Content Corner, & Pop Culture
Show Details45min 31s
HAPPY HOUR: Kenzie Elizabeth
Show Details25min 9s
FIX ME UP: Girl Chat, A Little Pop Culture Update, Mads Ate an Edible, and The Sisters Become Bravo Bitches
Show Details45min 48s
HAPPY HOUR: Lauren Elizabeth!
Show Details47min 49s
Fix Me Up: THE TIGER KING RECAP OMG, a Bach Nation Update, and Scout Is Officially on TikTok!
Show Details51min 50s
Fix Me Up: SELF-PRESERVATION Quarantine Edition! Mads and Scout Debate: To Just Be During This Time or to Start That Passion Project
Show Details45min 27s
Lauren Steinberg: Queen V: Vaginal Health That Is Affordable and Accessible, Signing a Deal With Walmart, Retail vs. Ecomm, & Why our Vaginas Smell Like Rose Water
Show Details1hr 1min
Fix Me Up: 100TH EPISODE! Scout Surprises Mads With An Old Diary Entry & They Chat the Importance of Gratitude
Show Details47min 3s
Bala Bangles: SHARK TANK Success, Chic Fitness Accessories We Can't Take Off, & How to Be in Business as Sisters
Show Details56min 20s
Billie Lee: Life As a Transgender Woman - Everything From Transitioning, to Dating, to Pronouns
Show Details1hr 1min
Carina Chaz: DedCool Scents: When to Take Care of Yourself in Business, How to Trust Your Team, Going Up Against the Big Guys, & Creating a Vegan, Non-Toxic Brand
Show Details1hr 19min
Fix Me Up: Routines & Rituals: How to Create Your Own Daily Routine, The Benefits of Routines, and What Scout & Mady Do Everyday
Show Details47min 57s
LIVE EVENT: Cassie and Michelle Randolph: A Night of Sisterly Vibes
Show Details37min 53s
Taylr Anne: Soulful Chats About Intentional and Artistic Content That Places You Into the Moment
Show Details51min 18s
Agnes Kozera: Podcorn: Behind-the-Scenes of Podcast Monetization, Content Creation, and Selling Your Company to Google
Show Details1hr 1min
Leila Halbert: Bleached, Bothered, and The Bachelor Breakdown
Show Details1hr 19min
Lindsey Carter: Set Active: Activewear You Can Wear to Dinner, the Realities of Running Your Own Business, and the Truth When it Comes to Self-Confidence
Show Details1hr 3min
Fix Me Up: Scout & Mady Wrap Up 2019
Show Details1hr 27min
Taylor King: TK's Juicy Polls, Content Producing, and the Realities of Therapy
Show Details1hr 3min
Olivia Perez: Cultural Archeology, Never a Finished Product, Why You Should Always Be Learning, and The Definition of an Influencer
Show Details58min 25s
Kalumi: The Benefits of Collagen, Redefining Beauty, and How to Start a Business With Your Best Friend
Show Details1hr
Whitney Eckis: Tangible Tips to Grow Your Social Media, The Down Low on Hashtags, The Instagram Algorithm, & Why You Should Stop Comparing Yourself
Show Details1hr 2min
Odacité: Valerie Grandury On Parisian Skincare, Removing Toxins From Your Life, And Why Our Skin Is The Softest It's Ever Been
Show Details1hr 15min
Fix Me Up: Q&A: Behind The Scenes Of The Podcast, How We Get Guests, & Our College Experiences
Show Details58min 36s
Charlotte McKinney: Major Modeling Energy, How To Deal With Criticism, Finding Confidence, And How To Take A Sexy Photo
Show Details1hr 14min
Sara Cullen: GEM: The "Anti-Vitamin" For Women By Women, Food Sustainability, And Your Daily Health Needs
Show Details50min 30s
Sivan Ayla: Uncovering Motherhood, Launching Two Products In One Year, Why You Should Ask For Help, & Our Greatest Common Phobia
Show Details1hr 22min
Kenzie Elizabeth: I Love You So Much, Girl Chat, & Growing Up Vlogging
Show Details1hr 27min
Koya Webb: How to Get Loved Up, Chakra Work, Spirituality, & Yoga as a Form of Healing
Show Details1hr 1min
The Clear Cut: Olivia Landau on Bespoke Diamond Engagement Rings, The Direct to Consumer Model, & Why You Should Buy Your Own Damn Ring
Show Details50min 42s
Lauren Elizabeth: OG YouTuber, How to Find Your Voice, Struggling With Mental Health, & The Benefits of the Internet
Show Details1hr 37min
WINC: Brooke Matthias: (HELLO Summer Water!)
Show Details52min 54s
Amanda Stanton: Now Accepting Roses
Show Details46min 37s
Lauren Kleban: LEKFIT Workout Queen
Show Details48min 22s
Karina Sulzer: Skin Gym & Skin Camp - The Reason Scout Lost 30 Pounds In Her Face
Show Details49min 11s
HAPPY BIRTHDAY OKAY SIS! Lindsay McCormick: Bite Sustainability
Show Details58min 38s
Rosie O'Neill: Sugarfina, Sugarfina, Sugarfina
Show Details44min 37s
Fix Me Up: 36 Questions That Lead To Love
Show Details49min 38s
Carly Stein: Saving the Bees
Show Details57min 7s
Judith Martinez: InHerShoes
Show Details49min 4s
Jilly Hendrix: Let's Go Viral
Show Details49min 52s
Fix Me Up: Current Pop Culture Moments
Show Details43min 28s
Michelle Ranavat: Claim Your Crown
Show Details1hr 2min
Repost: Pia Arrobio: LPA the Label
Show Details1hr 14min
Fix Me Up: Israel Edition
Show Details53min 15s
Courtney Storer: Jon & Vinny's
Show Details59min 56s
Sara Tan: Bustle Beauty
Show Details1hr 17min
Loey Lane: #BODYBOSS
Show Details1hr 7min
Diana Espir: Red Carpet Royalty
Show Details1hr 10min
Chelsea Moore & Jenni Olivero: BOXFOX
Show Details59min 55s
Fix Me Up: Cancel Culture
Show Details28min 54s
Fix Me Up: Living With Bipolar Disorder
Show Details38min 38s
Allison McNamara: Content Never Sleeps
Show Details1hr 2min
Lisa Landers: Swirl Boutique
Show Details49min 29s
Facile: My Skin Is Gleamin'
Show Details59min 34s
Amy Duncan: CBD For Days
Show Details55min 16s
Amy Stanton: The Feminine Revolution
Show Details47min 27s
Alyssa Wasko: DONNI
Show Details56min 19s
Jamie Lee: A Stand Up Gal
Show Details1hr 6min
Donni Rae Edmonson: Style For The Priv
Show Details1hr
Almost 30: Krista & Lindsey
Show Details59min 16s
Lindsey Metselaar: We Met At Acme
Show Details53min 58s
Heather McMahan: Doing The Most And The Least At The Same Time
Show Details1hr 8min
Sarah Larson Levey: Y7 Yoga
Show Details56min 48s
Sarah Sophie Flicker: Feminism & Activism
Show Details1hr 7min
Lauryn Evarts Bosstick: The Skinny Confidential
Show Details1hr 4min
Fix Me Up: Busy Bragging
Show Details39min 53s
Alyssa Melendez: The Haute Brunette
Show Details50min 26s
Claire Fountain: Trill Yoga & Mental Health
Show Details1hr 3min
Jacquelyn DeJesu: The SHHHOWERCAP Reinvented
Show Details57min 4s
Great Jones: Your New Kitchenware
Show Details51min 45s
Bliss Lau: Jewelry Heaven
Show Details46min 1s
Courtney Halverson: Pretty Little Fawn
Show Details1hr 5min
Sam Creighton: After Midnight
Show Details56min 34s
Fix Me Up: The Waves of Feminism
Show Details41min 55s
Lauren Dailey: The Bohemian Path
Show Details42min 53s
Vanessa Grimaldi: Bachelor Royalty
Show Details1hr 4min
Stephanie Dawn Elizabeth: Inner Kindness Coach
Show Details1hr 5min
Fix Me Up: The Bachelor Ideology
Show Details1hr
Alfred Coffee: The Brain Behind the Brand, Michelle Zad
Show Details49min 52s
Amber-Lee Lyons: The Chakra Babe
Show Details57min 31s
All of the Sisters: Happy New Year
Show Details58min 48s
Viper Girls at the Door
Show Details1hr 5min
Erica Stolman: Cannabis Central and Fashionlush
Show Details59min 53s
Pia Arrobio: LPA Real Talk
Show Details1hr 21min
Ceylan Kumbarji From Taylor Magazine: Editor Extraordinaire
Show Details51min 46s
Kathryn Zahorak: The East West Edge Girl
Show Details1hr 3min
Ariana Berlin: An Unbreakable Spirit
Show Details55min 33s
Jenna Maio: The Modern Jewish Girl
Show Details54min
Natalie Lim Suarez: Going Off Duty
Show Details52min 5s
Mariah Smith: The Kardashian Whisperer
Show Details50min 9s
Bianca Valle: The Coolest Girl on the Internet
Show Details1hr 11min
Period Talk With Blume
Show Details54min 24s
Shani Darden: Celebrity Facial Queen
Show Details38min 22s
Tiffany Hakimianpour: Handstands for Days
Show Details1hr 2min
Gayane Aramyan: Sister Therapy
Show Details54min 43s
Amanda Thomas: We Luv Aj
Show Details52min 8s
Austen Segal: Art, Dyslexia, & Relationships
Show Details52min 51s
Nichelle Hines: LA Fitness Royalty
Show Details56min 46s
Bend It Like Betsy: Pilates Talk
Show Details52min 53s
Sister Sister: Scout & Mads
Show Details33min 19s
Allison Kelley: Blogging, Real Talk, & Skincare
Show Details1hr 22min
Heather Gordon: Wine, Wine, Wine
Show Details1hr 5min
Alex Morehouse: Redefining the Model
Show Details1hr 2min
Carson Meyer: Doula-ing
Show Details54min 47s
Jade Iovine: Skincare Galore
Show Details53min 38s
Scout + Mady: Slide Into Our DMs
Show Details53min 58s