Near Mint No 22 - Submitting a Kaprizov YG CLEAR CUT

1h 5m | Apr 23, 2021

First off, congrats to Patty Marleau on breaking the NHL games played record!

Aaron (lapp3r30_flips) joins me to discuss the Kirill Kaprizov Clear Cut Young Guns that we decided to send to PSA via their $300 USD Super Express service.

Ryan shares the story of hitting the Kaprizov Clear Cut on release day of 2020-21 Upper Deck Series 2 and his experience trying to sell it in the week afterwards. We chat about Aaron buying a part of the card and a part of the risk in sending it to PSA and why we decided to submit it for grading.

We OPEN THE PSA package and find out the grade!!!

Once we know the grade of the card, we discuss what our plans are to sell the newly graded Kaprizov.

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