Dr.Nachiket Bhatia on Delay in NEET PG 2021 and NEXT Exam Pattern | Motivational Medico | Ep.02-02

26m | Jan 2, 2021

0:00​ - Introduction

1:02​ - NEET PG 2021 Dillemma

6:45​ - NEXT Prepration

10:32​ - Options other than NEET PG

12:57​ - Advice to your Past Self

14:51​ - Medical Education in Next 10 years

17:38​ - What New in E-Gurukul

20:15​ - Secret behind Fitness

22:15​ - Advice to the Entrepreneurs

23:40​ - Special Message For MediSNAPS

Here is the inspirational story of One of the most successfull MEdical entrepreneur of India

Here is the inspirational story of Dr.Nachiket Bhatia,

CEO of Dr.Bhatia Medical Coaching Institute ,one of India's Leading Coaching Institute for Medical Postgraduates,

In this ,he is sharing his views on NEET PG 2021,NEXT examination,Advice for entrepreneur's,His Mantras for Success and many more things.

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