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Receiving A Harvest

Tune in bi-weekly to Receiving A Harvest, hosted by Randy Elum. Receiving A Harvest is a podcast that offers inspiring messages of managing your resources as financial stewards. These messages will help you stay grounded in your Christian faith and to grow wealth.

Join Randy as he shares how to improve your financial health through biblical principles.


Stewardship and the Word of God
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Become A Doer of the Word
Show Details6min 35s
Investing Wealth God's Way
Show Details6min 13s
Building Wealth God's Way
Show Details6min 9s
Financial Stewart - Saving
Show Details5min 52s
Heavenly Treasure
Show Details4min 48s
Cheerful Giving
Show Details5min 20s
Complete Confidence in the Word Of God
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What you need is not a mystery to God. In Matthew 6:33, God wants you to seek His kingdom and His righteousness above all else, and He will give you everything you need. So join Randy as he shares more Biblical principles to improve your financial health.

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4min 20s
Published Sep 14, 2021 at 3:05am
God's Power Working in Us
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Seek the Kingdom of God
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Staying Out of Debt
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Receiving A Harvest
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