Il podcast che analizza aspetti interessanti con il punto di vista di un Controlled Remote Viewer.

The podcast that analyzes interesting aspects with the point of view of a Controlled Remote Viewer.


Coral Carte CRV Controlled Remote Viewing Trainer, Visione a distanza, Visione remota
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Intervista a Patrizio Emmanuele Tressoldi sulla coscienza
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Dr. Markus Perk Controlled Remote Viewing Deutschland
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Coleen Marenich CRV Controlled Remote Viewing Training
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Canadian born Coleen Marenich began her CRV training with Lyn Buchanan in 2001 and took the next 3 years to proceed all the way through to the Advanced level becoming the first Canadian civilian to achieve that level training from Lyn Buchanan. Coleen was chosen to become the Canadian CRV Training Facilitator for Lyn Buchanan, a role she enjoyed for 7 years, at which time she also became a mentor to many of his students.  In 2004 Lyn Buchanan trained Coleen for the CRV Project Manager position in his company. Later on Coleen held the position of Project Manager with her own CRV project team.  


At Lyn Buchanan's request in 2005, Coleen created a one-of-a-kind online CRV training program for Advanced level CRVers to help them transition from being 'practice CRVers' to becoming highly effective CRV project team members. Coleen has held the position of Program Manager and Trainer while the program has become increasingly sought after.  In 2007 Coleen created Troubleshooting Workshops for CRVers, and in 2009 gave a conference presentation with Lyn Buchanan at I.R.V.A. to outline their new standard for training project viewers and to showcase the level of CRV talent they were working with on their projects.


Over the years Coleen authored magazine articles covering everything from introductions to CRV, to detailing her CRV training methods and programs, to a two-part article entitled "Ethics in CRV" in Daz Smith's Eight Martinis magazine. Coleen has also had the role of Editor of Eight Martinis for many years.


When Coleen created her own CRV Basic, Intermediate and Advanced training and mentoring courses - instead of holding 3-day workshops - Coleen created programs for the next generation of CRVers that could be offered entirely online in one-on-one private training lessons with a focus on the ethical practice of remote viewing. Using online conferencing technology, today Coleen Marenich teaches and mentors CRV students living all over the planet, some from as far away as Australia, Iceland and Europe, the U.S. and many in her home country of Canada.

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Published Jul 27, 2020 at 9:07pm
Lyn Buchanan Controlled Remote Viewing / Medical Applications
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Il modello fisico, il corpo umano
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