Kitchen Lingo

The Food Media Network presents "Kitchen Lingo", the 5-second culinary vocab learning challenge!

Do you know what today's word means in the culinary world? In each episode, you will have 5-seconds after the word is revealed before the answer is provided (though if you need more time, just hit the pause button!)

Common culinary terms range from various ways to serve and prepare food & beverages, to kitchen items & equipment, to the names of the dishes themselves. Cooking definitions also come from languages other than English, such as French and Italian, which can sometimes be challenging to understand.

However, learning as many kitchen terms and culinary vocabulary as you can helps to provide a fundamental knowledge for any food and beverage professional or enthusiast. So play along with each episode and quickly add to your "Kitchen Lingo" word inventory!

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Kitchen Lingo - Rutabaga
Show Details2min 21s
Kitchen Lingo - Provencal
Show Details2min 5s
Kitchen Lingo - Rosti
Show Details2min
Kitchen Lingo - Tamale
Show Details2min 13s
Kitchen Lingo - Tannin
Show Details2min 8s
Kitchen Lingo - Wahoo
Show Details2min 7s
Kitchen Lingo - Mesquite
Show Details1min 59s
Kitchen Lingo - Tempura
Show Details1min 59s
Kitchen Lingo - Melba Sauce
Show Details2min 7s
Kitchen Lingo - Tripe
Show Details2min 21s
Kitchen Lingo - Stagiaire
Show Details1min 58s
Kitchen Lingo - Tapenade
Show Details2min 1s
Kitchen Lingo - Vol-au-vent
Show Details2min 30s
Kitchen Lingo - Masa
Show Details2min 9s
Kitchen Lingo - Tomalley
Show Details1min 54s
Kitchen Lingo - Sorbet
Show Details2min 11s
Kitchen Lingo - Vinaigrette
Show Details2min 14s
Kitchen Lingo - Sofrito
Show Details2min 21s
Kitchen Lingo - Radicchio
Show Details2min 11s
Kitchen Lingo - Lovage
Show Details2min 18s
Kitchen Lingo - Red Eye Gravy
Show Details2min 3s
Kitchen Lingo - Focaccia
Show Details2min 8s
Kitchen Lingo - Angels On Horseback
Show Details2min 4s
Kitchen Lingo - Wasabi
Show Details2min 12s
Kitchen Lingo - Waldorf Salad
Show Details2min 7s
Kitchen Lingo - Trivet
Show Details1min 51s
Kitchen Lingo - Ponzu
Show Details1min 57s
Kitchen Lingo - Charcuterie
Show Details2min 10s
Kitchen Lingo - Slurry
Show Details2min 6s
Kitchen Lingo - Blini
Show Details1min 58s