EP 140 - Stephanie Banks: Intuitive Channeling & your Mystical RIGHT Brain

59m | May 5, 2023

My beautiful guest for today's show is the Magical Stephanie Banks!

Stephanie Banks is a highly sought-after intuitive channel, mentor and guide who helps people connect on the soul level. She channels from the perspective of any soul currently on the planet, souls on the other side, purely non-physical beings such as spirit guides, as well as trees, animals, and Gaia.

Connection and communication are the common themes in all of Stephanie’s professional endeavors as a speech-language pathologist, birth doula, lactation consultant, infant massage instructor, and intuitive channel. When her mother’s dementia made verbal communication impossible, Stephanie found ways to communicate with her mother’s soul. This was the beginning of her channeling journey.

See the show notes below for some of the main points (in order) we covered and dived deep into together:

  • How does Stephanie balance her sensitivities as a channel?

  • Working with NEGATIVE entities and spirits and how to be mindful of them

  • Adding in self-care to raise our frequency

  • Our role in transmuting negative entities

  • How does the BRAIN connect to intuitive channeling?

  • The difference between the left and right brain

  • Why does our society prioritize the Left brain?

  • The UNHEALTHY EGO and our pain keep us in our left brain

  • "Hurt people hurt people"

  • The bridge between neuroscience and intuitive channeling

  • The passion and MESSAGE that Stephanie now shares around what she does

  • Why we are all intuitive channels

  • "Channeling ISN'T A GIFT"

  • Finding your unique way of channeling

  • Where does the heart connect to our channeling gift?

  • "The heart is the most intelligent organ"

  • How to incorporate brain science into channeling and overcoming belief systems that keep us stuck

  • The opposite of fear is LOVE

  • How do we move through the fear of mental health challenges that can arise during channeling

  • Setting a clear INTENTION on what you want to channel

  • You are the most powerful being in your reality

  • Why is it so important in the world right now to be open to this topic?

  • Stephanie and her definition of LOVE

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