EP 134 - Lisann Valentin: Embracing your Clairsenses, POWER & ALL that you are

1h 6m | Apr 15, 2023

My beautiful guest for today's show is the MYSTICAL Lisann Valentin.

Lisann Valentin is an Actor, Author & Amplifier.

From Wall Street to red carpets, Lisann Valentin is an empowered empath and a 5th generation Shaman (Boitiu) in the corporate world and entertainment industry.

With mindfulness at the forefront, she amplifies her clients' gifts with shamanic life coaching for the world's empaths, creatives, leaders, and healers. Learn more about Lisann, her shamanic life coaching and the 3mpowered Empath masterclasses.

See the show notes below for some of the main points (in order) we covered and dived deep into together:

  • What are your CLAIRSENSES?

  • How do we start to awaken these gifts?

  • Learning to help the logical mind feel safe and understand these senses

  • Watching out for the layers of FEAR

  • How do we move through the heavy darkness around these senses?

  • Lisann shares a story about her gifts and seeing patterns

  • Breaking free from belief systems that keep us restricted

  • "Why am I seeing this?"

  • What Clairesenses are most active for Lisann and me

  • Clairaudience example

  • Clairsentience example

  • Clairempathy example

  • Learning to discern your unique frequency from others

  • Our "Souls Journey" through ALL things

  • How do we feel normal with these gifts?

  • Claircognizance example

  • What is an INSTINCT?

  • Why do I close my eyes when I channel and speak?

  • What does ear ringing have to do with your spiritual senses?

  • How do we embrace more of our DIVINITY?

  • Learning to invite our shadows into your heart

  • Using our EMOTIONS to channel your spiritual senses

  • Lisann shares a new emotional definition of LOVE

Please connect with Lisann here:

  • Social: @lisannvalentin

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