22Bet Mobile -Sports Betting Strategy - Betting against your favorite in football

In fact, the saying holds that rowing against the tide is difficult, and while this sports betting strategy is practically based on it, it can indeed work if certain factors are present. If you think about it, today, players in “big teams” - but mostly key players - who are interested in participating in various international tournaments (such as the Champions League) are under an ever-increasing burden. These guards must, on the one hand, stand in the national league, possibly in a national cup series, and in the matches of the international tournament (football series) for which they qualify. That is, I might even say that a three-front war is fought.

In contrast, “small teams” that do not start in international tournaments and “middle teams” that have performed moderately in a country’s league last season do not have such “worries” so they can focus all their energy and capacity on league matches. Because of the phenites, it happens countless times that a large team “stumbles” and slips smoothly in a paper match against a much less likely rival.

At about the time of writing this article, for example, it happened to the Spanish star team Real Madrid, who was also brave in the BL, so that he smoothly got out to 3: 0 at Eibar’s home. If one constantly monitors the performance of some big teams, the form of their key players, and taking into account the degree of workload of the guards, there is a very good chance of pinching matches when there is a chance they will run into a jacket in their own national league. In matches like this, at least I have found that the odds are usually above average for opponents of the “big ones”, so with some luck, big prizes can be pocketed with this betting method as well.