2 Minute Money Manager

Emmy Award winning financial journalist Stacy Johnson, CPA answers popular questions our listeners have about their money.


Will Signing Up for Lots of Credit Cards Hurt My Credit?
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Should I Save for Retirement or My Kid’s Education?
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Should We Take Social Security at 62, 66 or 70?
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Should I Prepay My Funeral?
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Do I Really Need a Will
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Will Social Security Be There When I Need It?
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How Can I Find Money to Save for Retirement?
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What Is Good Debt?
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5 Reasons I'm (Partially) Dumping Stocks Now
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The FIRE Movement Is a Dumb Idea
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Are ETFs Good Investments?
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How Can I Get Tax Free Income?
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How To Start Your Very Own Investment Scam
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Does Carrying a Credit Card Balance Help Your Credit Score?
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Do I Need an RFID Blocking Sleeve?
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Should I Get a Debt Consolidation Loan?
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Should I Pay a Fee to Win a Prize?
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Can I Freeze My Property Taxes?
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Should I Sell My House While Prices Are High?
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My House is a Money Pit. What Should I Do?
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How Do I Get Rid of My Chip Credit Cards?
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Is "Federal Rent Checks" a Legit Program?
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Can I Save on Taxes by Gifting?
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