• Episode 05: Krampus & Gremlins; The Christmas Monster We Need vs the Monsters We Made

    We are opening the festive lids on this, our first-ever holiday episode! We take the time to ask the important questions like, how many family members are an acceptable number to sacrifice to the spirit of Christmas justice? As well as, why the hell do we give Speilberg and Dante a pass on the highly problematic script that is Gremlins? But most importantly, we talk about the things that all us horror lovers need to get through the dark months of winter; food, gore, and terrifying puppets.

    1h 11m - Dec 22, 2020
  • Episode 04: Gore & Catharsis, Why watching terrible things can make you feel great! Ready or Not & Little Monsters (2019)

    It’s been too long! But we’re back to open the lids and talk about why it feels damn good to see a rich family demonically implode and see a teacher save her class from US military created zombies. The catharsis horror lovers get from gore and scares makes a whole lot of neurological sense and where the boundaries of acceptable humor and catharsis land changes through history and culture.

    1h 41m - Nov 8, 2020
  • Episode 03: Train to Busan & Cargo: Parenting in a Pandemic & the the xenophobic history of child cannibalism

    Trains, boats and society shattering pandemics is at the core of this episode as we open the lids to talk about Train to Busan (2016) and Cargo (2017). Along the way we cover COVID sour doughs as well as the deeply xenophobic history of cannibalism accusations including baking infants into loafs of bread. Don't forget to rate and subscribe to keep the content coming and the ghouls and gargoyles laughing

    2h 30m - Aug 23, 2020
  • Episode 02: Pan's Labyrinth & the Devil's Backbone: Our Lord & Savior Guillermo del Toro and the Spanish Civil War

    "What is a ghost. but a tragedy doomed to repeat itself?" We open the lids to talk about the surreal fantasy horror of de Toro and his films set in the Spanish Civil War; Pan's Labyrinth & the Devil's Backbone. We talk about the history of the war, cultural antifascism, and symbolism galore! Rate, review and subscribe if you're enjoying the rambles.

    2h 8m - Jul 22, 2020
  • Episode 01: The Witch & It Ch 1: A Specter Haunt New England

    We're opening the lids and picking apart our own home away from home, New England! We are talking about what makes the Northeast so unsettling. How our physical landscape is interconnected to the history of this place, and the ways that the unresolved and unacknowledged ghosts of the physical space haunt our mental landscape. From clashing views of the wolf as a cultural symbol to Christian imperialism and how migration plus an epidemic led to the story of Rhode Island’s own vampire Mercy Brown, it’s all covered in the first half of this episode. Then we dive into the Witch and It Chapter 1 as two movies in which New England plays a part as a driving force in the films. Woulds’t thou like butter with your popcorn? Take a listen and join the conversation on social media with @2coffins2speak on Instagram.

    1h 58m - Jul 12, 2020
  • Episode 00: Who's in the coffins?

    Peer through the lids to get to know your hosts a bit better in the only ways that matter the most to you ghouls and gargoyles! Find out our favorite and hate it's on everything from campy horror to the best and worst jobs we've had before finding ourselves stuck in these coffins.

    1h 24m - Jul 12, 2020
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