2 Coffins to Speak

A podcast about the silliness and seriousness of all things in the horror genre & pop culture at large! Researched episodes connecting history and the social sciences with folklore and horror. Kevin and Desiree ramble, share stories and review films in connection to each episode's topics.


Episode 03: Train to Busan & Cargo: Parenting in a Pandemic & the the xenophobic history of child cannibalism
Show Details2hr 31min
Episode 02: Pan's Labyrinth & the Devil's Backbone: Our Lord & Savior Guillermo del Toro and the Spanish Civil War
Show Details2hr 8min
Episode 01: The Witch & It Ch 1: A Specter Haunt New England
Show Details1hr 59min
Episode 00: Who's in the coffins?
Show Details1hr 25min