Exploring the "Wit, Grit, and Inner Heroes of High Performers."


Upcoming Show: Swipe Right on Your Best-Self: “Authentically Courageous Leadership” with Coach Eric Winters
Show Details2min 31s
Creating Enduring and Resilient Culture Inside and Out with Life Coach Jodi Woelkerling
Show Details32min 45s
Upcoming Show: Creating Enduring and Resilient Culture Inside and Out with Life Coach Jodi Woelkerling
Show Details2min 38s
38DDD - A Journey Through Coping with Disability, Divorce, and Death with Author & Speaker Michaela Cox
Show Details25min 29s
Upcoming Show: 38DDD - A Journey Through Coping with Disability, Divorce, and Death with Author & Speaker Michaela Cox.
Show Details1min 38s
RichardListens & Making the Jump Lorenda Philips present “Dollars & Cents" with Glenn Crawford, CDFA & Marc Phelps, CPA
Show Details26min 8s
Upcoming Show: RichardListens & Making the Jump Lorenda Philips present “Dollars & Cents" with Glenn Crawford, CDFA & Marc Phelps, CPA
Show Details2min 38s
The Power of Touch and Improving Connection for Men with NLP Certified Elizabeth Anneka
Show Details43min 49s
Laugh Your Cry Out: Using Laughter and Self-Deprecation to Overcome Arrogance, Neglect, Insecurity & Anxiety with Joey Dumont
Show Details56min 44s
Honoring All Lost Children: Purpose through Grief, Recovery, and Resilience with Author and Speaker Elizabeth Meyers
Show Details48min 48s
How to Have Constructive Conversations About Race, Class, Sexuality, Ability & Gender in a Polarized World with Dr. Alicia del Prado & Dr. Anatasia Kim
Show Details49min 46s
From the A Train to the Podium: The Paralympic Journey with USA Table Tennis Hall of Fame Player Tahl Leibovitz
Show Details48min 57s
Emotional Regulation and Toxic Masculinity with Therapist Patch McCormick
Show Details42min 16s
Lessons Learnt from Elite Athletes and Leaders with Coach Lee Povey
Show Details53min 36s
Importance of Supportive Environment with Dr. Benjamin Tehrani
Show Details43min 9s
Question & Answer with Kevin Connors
Show Details32min 37s
Question & Answer with Gabriela Lugo
Show Details21min 49s
Question & Answer with Lina Chmiel
Show Details17min 24s
Understanding the Energy We Let Out with Performance Psychologist Pernilla Nathan
Show Details18min 50s
Five Steps to Advance Towards Transitioning with “Absolute Certainty” founders Eira Schwyzer & Wendy Rosenthal
Show Details33min 18s
Impact of Stress & Relieving Methods with Therapist Anthony Twig Wheeler
Show Details37min 44s
Maintaining Focus & Resilience with Musician Nachum Peterseil
Show Details37min 51s
Developing Parenting Compass with Parenting Coach Rebecca Guez
Show Details38min 42s
Shifting & Trusting Oneself with Olympic Wrestler Brian Reisenauer
Show Details30min 10s
Ways to Tap into Your Passion with Coach Yossef Sagi
Show Details38min 27s
Managing Distractions with EMDR Consulting Trainer Larisa Traga
Show Details39min 20s
Equal Respect for Disabilities with Stanford Professor, Public Speaker,& Producer Kathleen Tarr
Show Details24min 5s
The Mindset of Superfan with “CLIPPER DARRELL” Darrell Bailey
Show Details41min 10s
The Importance of a Supportive Environment with SYRE Entrepreneur Yehuda Ricardo
Show Details39min 27s
Mental Preparation with Professional Violinist Sophie Yasmin
Show Details29min 27s
Leading with Passion During Difficult Times with Actor Adam Feingold aka AlwaysGold
Show Details39min 34s
Overcoming Adversity & Pursuing your Dreams with Soccer Player / Coach Kota Nakayama
Show Details45min 56s
Adapting to Life’s Changes with Actor Anthony Campos "Big Citric"
Show Details31min 46s
The Truth about Masculinity with Psychotherapist Michael Dickerson
Show Details34min 23s
Wasting Time Weightlifting with Dr. John Jaquish
Show Details53min 6s
Keys to Success with Basketball Pro & Writer Paul Shirley
Show Details33min 12s
Journey towards your Purpose with International Speaker Kurt David
Show Details49min 52s
Releasing Trapped Emotions in Our Nervous System with Therapist Sergio Ocampo
Show Details43min 58s
Finding Joy & Hope with Non-Profit Founder Lauren Hammersley
Show Details51min 41s
Achieving Inner Confidence with Soccer Player Chijioke Akujuobi
Show Details1hr 17min
Stay Hydrated!! Functional Movement and Recovery Techniques for High Performers with Crystal Perry
Show Details37min 20s
Authentic Leadership & Holistic Lifestyle Optimization with Fitness Coach Brian Costello
Show Details48min 25s
Building Relations with Sports Marketing Director Farren Benjamin
Show Details45min 15s
Self-Motivation with Actor Todd Louiso
Show Details32min 23s
Mindset for Challenging Times with George Farmer
Show Details1hr 3min
Functionised Performance: Bettering Humanity in the Realms of Health, Nutrition, and Performance in Quarantine with Dr. Jim Goetz
Show Details47min 16s
The Future of NBA & Basketball Analytics with Samario Clancy
Show Details50min 37s
Boost your IQ with US Memory Champion Chester Santos
Show Details1hr 3min
Injury, Rebound, and Resilience with Dr Carrie Cheadle
Show Details1hr
The World of Tennis, Baseball, & Basketball; Living in Confusing Times with Josh Burger
Show Details50min 32s
Clean up your Act! Featuring Dr. Stuti Gupta
Show Details47min 16s
The Bass Clarinet Baller - The Journey from Basketball to World Class Jazz Musician Jason Stein
Show Details45min 49s
Finding Your Passion & Purpose Through Sports & Creative Media with Jared Sagal
Show Details38min 49s
Inside the Evolution of a Figure Skater with Lina Chimiel
Show Details33min 28s
The World of U.S and International Rugby with Sarah Sall
Show Details49min 6s
Lessons from the Dance Floor: Applied O.T. Skills Based Sports Retirement with Dr. Madison Harris
Show Details50min 30s
The Horse Whisperer with Performance Psychologist Pernilla Nathan
Show Details28min 28s
Free burn! Leaving trauma behind you, to pursue your inner passion with Melissa Lambert
Show Details28min 37s
Is that Borat on the Red Carpet? Carving your own path as a Content Creator with Actor and Writer Gregg Martin.
Show Details51min 51s
Ready, Set, Live! with Jana Finkbiner
Show Details58min 44s
Empowering people to transform life's stressors into maximized potential with Jason Wasser
Show Details51min 21s
From Birmingham to Deutcheland and back! The soccer sports journey of Maccabi and Collegiate soccer Coach Preston Goldfarb and how he developed a culture in college football’s graceland.
Show Details57min 5s
Breaking Limited Beliefs Systems with Cindra Kamphoff
Show Details52min 14s
New Perspectives on Advocacy with Dr. Amy Ahlfeld
Show Details38min 6s
Brain Health, Brain Learning, and Achieving Mindfulness through Sport and Performance with Sports Neuropsychologist Dr. Aliyah Snyder
Show Details52min 4s
From Vanquish to Flourish: A Movement towards Athlete Mental Health with Steve Johnson
Show Details39min 30s
Positive Mindset for Tough Times with Jesse Michel, CMPC MLB Houston Astros World Series Champion
Show Details51min 21s
Mental Adaptability in Sport with Norman Nolan: From Youth Basketball to Life in the NBA and Overseas
Show Details42min 56s
Creating an organization of value and purpose: Chair of Division 1 for C.P.A. shares directions for change in light of a current study of their members and their commitment to progress, advocacy, and change with David Lin
Show Details40min 42s
Quiet on the set! Writing, Producing, and Directing in the current social climate. Managing diversity, sensitivity, and parenting while continuing to create content in a changing world. Gabriela Revilla Lugo
Show Details56min 12s
Match made in heaven! April Beyer, Dating Expert with secret tips on finding and connecting in a lasting way in the digital era.
Show Details46min 11s
King of the Octagon: The path to athleticism and competition through humility and respect with Kevin Casey
Show Details53min 52s
Brett Stevens: Author of "Crossover" on Transformation through Living with Bipolar disorder
Show Details45min 10s
All American to the Road Less Traveled: The story behind Dr. Steve Graef and Mindurance, the Performance and Stress Management portal for athletes on demand.
Show Details1hr
Nike coach, NFL alumni, and Podcast host Alex Molden
Show Details44min 36s
Race to Freedom with Jerome Davis
Show Details48min 51s
The Strange Allure of Trains in Film with Producer Yuri Rutman
Show Details1hr
Go Pro Young Woman! with Leah Purvis
Show Details50min 31s
Fit - Entrepreneurs - Redefining your why and Commitment to Service with Dionte Brooks & Khalil Bass
Show Details50min 46s
The Michelin Man with Influencer Eric Hinman
Show Details39min 18s
From the Alley to the Octagon with UFC Fighter Taylor Ramsdell
Show Details49min 24s
The Athlete Whisperer: NBA, NFL, and MMA trainer. In this episode, Alexis Luczak shares the power of choice, mindset, and recovery in being a peak performer.
Show Details1hr 3min
Philippe Souter, Animation Distributor and Emmy Award Winner with catalogue including Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks, Iron Man, & the Little Prince
Show Details55min 15s
Surviving Corona: The journey of MMA and UFC’s finest on conquering fear and the power of honesty and social support with Lyman Good
Show Details1hr 5min
The Art of Storytelling & Film Making, Telling Important Historical Narratives with Erit Yellen
Show Details58min 9s
4th Times a Charm! Striking Gold Olympic Swimmer Lenny Krayzelburg
Show Details54min 38s
Lessons on Impact & The Pursuit of Passion with Cat Martino
Show Details53min 41s
Thinking outside the box: Cultural Animator and Performance artist Anthony Twig Wheeler
Show Details49min 58s
From the NBA, to the NFL and America’s team, to Influencer- a lesson in following your passion from Kalyssa Alynn Singleton
Show Details45min 35s
Ultrarunner, Life Coach, and Advocate for 22 to many, Charity for Veterans and their families affected by PTSD from Kirby Scott Ingles
Show Details1hr
The philosophy behind practicing vulnerability and acceptance by Dr Maxwell Rappaport and Aaron Smith
Show Details1hr 4min
Overcoming Obstacles to Excellence with Sports psychologist Dr Eddie O'Connor
Show Details57min 14s
The Application of Mental Skills with former MLB All Star Pitcher and Author Bob Tewksbury
Show Details57min 41s
The Authentic Journey towards Self-Awareness with Performance Coach Howard Falco
Show Details53min 40s
Next Level Tools & Skills Needed for your Second career with Coach Lorenda Phillips
Show Details54min 44s
Journey through Values and Determination with ESPN's Kevin Connors
Show Details56min
Leading with Passion with Sports show host Bradley Walker
Show Details49min 37s
Never Giving Up
Show Details1hr 21min
Healing Through Laughter
Show Details53min 5s