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Live from Big Rip Part 2
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Live From Big Rip Brewing Company with Jason and Josh of The Ectoplasm Show
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Felicia and Coy are joined live with Jason and Josh on this episode! The gang got together and recorded this episode live from Big Rip Brewing Company in KC. Enjoy!

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Published Feb 8, 2021 at 11:35pm
Cecil Hotel
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Ghostly Talk
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Fouke Monster
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Boleskine House
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It's Halloween
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Slaughterhouse Canyon
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The Alaska Triangle
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Dead Children Playground
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1941 Midwest UFO Crash
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Bloody Mary
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Sleep Paralysis
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Bad Weather
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Haunted America After Dark
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We're Back
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Kendrick House
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Lucky 13
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Waverly Hills Sanatorium
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XL Spooky Scoops
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Haunted Disney
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The Wendigo
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The Haunted America Conference
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The Mineral Springs Hotel
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The Banshee
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Missouri State Penitentiary
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The Phoenix Lights
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Ohio State Reformatory
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The 1949 Exorcism of Roland Doe
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