394. Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable with Brett Snodgrass

48m | Mar 14, 2024

In today’s episode, Johnny talks with Brent Snodgrass. They focus on an aspect of masculinity that isn’t always accepted by all men: religion. As men, we’re coerced to look and act in certain ways by the media and society. Sometimes, we’re also forced to believe in certain things. Society has told us should only believe in something when there’s proof of it, which can cause problems for those of us who want to follow a more religious path. Brett talks about why and how a religious way of life is a good way to find out about yourself, your happiness, and how it can lead to a fulfilling life.

Brett Snodgrass has been a real estate investor for over 15 years. He specializes in wholesaling, whole-tailing, creative financing, and business scaling. His team at SIMPLE WHOLESALING buys and sells 250+ properties per year and builds passive income streams by creating more than 50 creative financing deals per year. He is part of the real estate mastermind group The Collective Genius, and he loves to give back to the community by supporting missions and non-profit organizations like Transforming Futures and Agape International Missions. He also runs an entrepreneurial religious men’s group called Iron Deep.

If you want to connect with Brett directly, feel free to email him at

Today on The Art of Masculinity:

  • How business and religion can work together
  • The questions that come up with skeptical men
  • How success led Brett to God
  • External versus internal success and happiness
  • The values and mission behind Iron Deep
  • Humility and honesty
  • What went through Brett’s mind while writing The Secret War Within
  • Getting started in the lucrative business of real estate
  • How Iron Deep helps men with their struggles

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The Art of Masculinity