391. The Struggle with Vulnerability

20m | Feb 22, 2024

We have evolved, socially, to look at men as the protectors of their families. So, if we are vulnerable with our wives and children, will that expose them to weakness? It is healthy to show vulnerability but it is healthier and safer if we have the right outlets for it. Putting that burden onto your family will threaten the inherent dynamics within our families. 

Today, Johnny talks about why it is important to find the right outlets for your vulnerability and what those healthy outlets are. He also talks about what our inherent roles are within our family and how we can put those roles at risk if we share too much with our wives and children. At the end of the day, it is our jobs to keep our families safe and we can only do that if we are taking these roles seriously.

Today on The Art of Masculinity:

  • Fathers and husbands being vulnerable in front of their families
  • Women taking on masculine roles at work and feminine roles at home
  • Taking that masculine role back while allowing women to fall back into that feminine role
  • Providing safety for women and children 
  • Empathy and not weakness
  • Some healthy outlets for vulnerability without throwing off role dynamics at home

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