402. Step Into the Man You Want to Become - Purpose

1h 5m | May 16, 2024

Welcome to the inaugural episode of our four-part series, "Step Into the Man You Want to Become," showcasing insights from guest speaker, Frank Paul Vignola. This episode delves into the critical and life-changing concept of “purpose”. It is the cornerstone of embodying authenticity and intentionality and is the first pillar in our journey to becoming the men we want to be. Join Johnny and Frank as they explore the nuances between purpose and passion. They also offer some great actionable insights into understanding the true essence of purpose for men specifically.

Frank’s early life was plagued with battles - bullying, expulsions, overdoses, and then a 4-year string of incarcerations that almost killed him. Overcoming those challenges gifted him with a determination to develop a formula to help men summon their inner superheroes. In 2023, he released the autobiographical how-to guide for men, "Crafting Masculinity." After 10+ years as a coach for men, he has helped hundreds of men overcome their self-limiting beliefs and become a man they’re proud of. 

Today on The Art of Masculinity:

  • Frank’s checkered past and how he used that to drive him to be a better man
  • Stagnation versus generativity lasts through middle adulthood 
  • The softness of today’s society has caused an identity crisis in men
  • Martyrdom has become a badge of honor; live a life that isn’t built around sacrifice
  • How to find purpose and how passion relates to purpose
  • What it means to be an exemplar and why exemplars are so important
  • “Dating” through the hard times to get past the “passion” to get to “purpose”
  • The things that can detract us from purpose (and passion)
  • Is it Intentional (an activity to help you unwind) or is it on auto-pilot (detractors)?
  • What are the proponents of purpose?

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The Art of Masculinity