386. How to Have Courage to be Coached

55m | Jan 23, 2024

In this episode, Johnny talks with Frank Paul Vignola about courage, coaching, and confidence consciousness. They do a deep dive into the trajectory and evolution of the current socially accepted view of masculinity and how it has changed over the years. Is masculinity a pendulum? Does it swing back and forth between the strong man and the overly sensitive man? 

Frank's mission is to help men cultivate an unswerving sense of identity and then translate that knowledge into actions. Through repeated implementation of their character strengths and in alignment with their values, he helps men achieve self-mastery and become leaders, exemplars, and high achievers. His early life was plagued with battles - bullying, expulsions, overdoses, and then a 4-year string of incarcerations that almost killed him. Overcoming those challenges gifted him with a determination to develop a formula to help men summon their inner superheroes. After 10+ years as a coach for men, he continues implementing his 3-pillar formula today: Identity, Integration, Implementation & Iteration.  

Frank also has 7 years of experience training and working as an actor in New York City. Believing actors are masters at building an identity, he incorporates several personal acting techniques into his coaching. Throughout his career, Frank searched for parallels in qualities men admire in other men and want for themselves. In 2023, he turned his findings into the autobiographical how-to-guide for men, "Crafting Masculinity." When Frank isn't obsessively peering deep into the abyss of human behavior, he loves traveling, bodybuilding, horror movies, irreverent humor, and spending time with his family.  

 Find more about Frank on his website or connect with him on Instagram

Today on The Art of Masculinity: 

  • Coaching, personal training, and how they are similar  
  • Men’s hang-ups on coaching and toxic mindsets 
  • How coaching is changing and how you can influence positive change 
  • The swing in the masculinity space and what perpetuates the divide 
  • The story behind Frank’s book, Crafting Masculinity 
  • The pushback for the stereotypical strongman 
  • Impacting people and change 
  • Loving, crafting, and celebrating our own masculinity 


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The Art of Masculinity