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Episode 57: Live Debate Show
Show Details58min 20s
Episode 56: Daniel LaPlante
Show Details52min 27s
Episode 55: Felicia Marie Johnson, Dominick Krankall & Melissa Lucio
Show Details56min 38s
Episode 54: Robert Ben Rhoades, The Truck Stop Killer - Part 2
Show Details35min 13s
Episode 54: Robert Ben Rhoades, The Truck Stop Killer - Part 1
Show Details43min 42s
Episode 53: Karla Faye Tucker
Show Details51min 44s
Episode 52: Oakley Carlson
Show Details48min 51s
Episode 51: Lisa Montgomery - Part 2
Show Details50min 4s
Episode 51: Lisa Montgomery - Part 1
Show Details45min 1s
Episode 50: Richard Speck
Show Details57min 59s
Episode 49: Case Updates
Show Details52min 26s
Episode 48: Richard Chase - Part 2
Show Details40min 5s
Episode 48: Richard Chase - Part 1
Show Details42min 57s
Episode 47: Alyssa Bustamante
Show Details48min 42s
Episode 46: Samuel Legg III - Dr. No
Show Details44min 38s
Episode 45: Dean Corll - The Candyman
Show Details54min 8s
Episode 43: Alice Jenkins & Mary Rowles Part 2
Show Details1hr 4min
Episode 44: Kira Steger (as told by her sister)
Show Details1hr 42min
Episode 43: Alice Jenkins & Mary Rowles
Show Details40min 40s
Episode 42: Linda Hazzard
Show Details54min 43s
Episode 41: Dennis Nilsen - Part 2
Show Details43min 5s
Episode 41: Dennis Nilsen - Part 1
Show Details35min 52s
Episode 40: Henry McCabe & Paislee Shultis Update
Show Details40min 31s
Episode 39: Rosemary West - Part 2
Show Details44min 54s
Episode 39: Rosemary West - Part 1
Show Details33min 9s
Episode 38: Edward Gein
Show Details43min 50s
Episode 37: Lauren Smith-Fields
Show Details30min 57s
Episode 36: Anneliese Michel
Show Details39min 18s
Episode 35: Harmony Montgomery
Show Details35min 35s
Episode 34: Gertrude Baniszewski Part 2
Show Details40min 40s
Episode 34: Gertrude Baniszewski Part 1
Show Details50min 17s
Episode 33: Jerome Henry "Jerry" Brudos
Show Details34min 22s
Episode 32: Brenda Andrew "The Sunday School Killer"
Show Details38min 24s
Episode 31: Joe “The Cannibal” Metheny Part 2
Show Details37min 2s
Episode 31: Joe “The Cannibal” Metheny Part 1
Show Details23min 21s
Episode 30: Nannie Doss, The Giggling Granny
Show Details22min 19s
Episode 29: Christmas Crime Classics
Show Details36min 29s
Eoisode 28: Emilie Sagee & Fun Facts
Show Details26min 27s
Episode 27: Candace Newmaker
Show Details24min 47s
Episode 26: Donald Harvey, Angel of Death
Show Details39min 22s
Episode 25: The Corpse Bride
Show Details28min 19s
Episode 24: Dorothea Puente - Death House Landlady
Show Details30min 49s
Episode 23: Astroworld & Travis Scott
Show Details53min 3s
Episode 22: Jason Vukovich The Alaskan Avenger
Show Details36min 51s
Episode 21: Israel Keyes
Show Details41min 19s
Episode 20: James Patterson Smith
Show Details23min 20s
Episode 19: The Kansas City Butcher
Show Details35min 37s
Episode 18: Eric Smith & Lawrence Paul Anderson
Show Details34min 41s
Episode 17: Disappearance of Cleo Smith
Show Details37min 18s
Episode 16: Halyna Hutchins, Alec Baldwin & The Rust Tragedy
Show Details39min 37s
Episode 15: Katherine Knight Part 2
Show Details26min 3s
Katherine Knight Part 1
Show Details31min 39s
Halloween Love Triangle
Show Details24min 23s
Better Call Bertolino
Show Details33min 43s
Gabby Petito's Family Perspective
Show Details28min 58s
Halloween Special #1 - The Liske Family Murders
Show Details24min 46s
Remains CONFIRMED as Brian Laundrie & New Case HELP NEEDED
Show Details6min 49s
Brian Laundrie UPDATE... Human Remains Found
Show Details7min 51s
Gabby Petito's Postcards & Moab Update
Show Details21min 17s
Gabby Petito Autopsy Discussion
Show Details26min 9s
Cassie Laundrie's Statement, Where is Brian Laundrie & Texas Shooting
Show Details32min 35s
Brian Laundrie's Parents and his Lawyer Steven Bertolino
Show Details30min 40s
Bad Parents & Brian's Phone
Show Details20min 26s
Gabby Petito Moab incident, parents and Dog the Bounty Hunter
Show Details25min 25s
Who, What & When
Show Details20min 20s
Show Details38s