Ep. 12 TJ & Joyce Crump

1h 30m | Jan 9, 2021

Before I get into the show description I know I've had some audio issues with my new software and equipment but doing my best to fix all the issues. On this Episode me and my brother Coby had the opportunity to sit down and speak with our grandparents. We talked about their up brining and how much life has changed over the years. This is something I've been very interested in doing since the start of the show. In these most controversial times gaining perspective to how others ideas are cultivated by their upbringing, background, over all life experiences in my opinion is the key to bringing our communities together. Truth be told my son may never get the chance to have a long dialog conversation with my grandfather. I've been over to my grandparents house countless times and seen walls, shelves, and counter tops filled with loved ones. It's one thing to look at a photo but another to hear some ones voice and hear how they thought or articulated on ideas. I hope the future generations of my family get something special from this as well as you the listener.

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