Ep. 6 Adam Bates

2h 52m | Nov 6, 2020

Adam was a Sports Commentator for BBC and still professionally does Sports Commentating traveling the world doing sporting events ranging from football, tennis, and the Olympic Games. He’s a humanitarian that’s helped refugees in Lesvos, Greece fleeing their home countries and runs a non-profit helping community cohesion through achieving individuals ambitions. It was a pleasure speaking with Adam and hearing his stories. If you'd like to get connected to him or any of his project listed below are links to his non-profit and other organizations he's involved with.


PPE initiative

People & Planet Conversations

If you're interested in donating or getting involved with a good cause that helps foster children and the homeless check out my good friend Kelly Brandon's Charity

Last but not least folks my good buddy Sean Miller is the master mind behind all the album art for the show. You can connect with him through his Intagram page @post_productsean

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