Breaking News: Marshall Payne arrested for DJ Fickey's Murder

23m | Jun 13, 2023

We're elated to share some breaking news: after years of tireless dedication, the Fickey family has finally received the email they've been waiting for—a grand jury has indicted Marshall Ralph Payne for the murder of Donald DJ Fickey. Join us as we explore the family's tumultuous journey to justice, diving into the red flags of the initial investigation and the evidence that led to Payne's arrest.

But the fight for justice isn't over; Amanda Shirley, DJ's sister and a fierce advocate, is on a mission to help others affected by similar tragedies. Together, let's examine the challenges that still lie ahead and the broken system that allowed this injustice to persist for so long. By continuing to share DJ's story and offering support to other families, we can work towards a future where such injustices are prevented.

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