90. Misunderstood Secrets

18m | Jun 19, 2022

Don't react, impact. Enlightenment is not merely a passive or receptive experience. It should be assertive. The Absolute is the ultimate Alpha.

Resolute single-minded focus is required to be your best. When you aim for your best, you are closing in on the Ultimate best, the Absolute.

The ego is not your enemy. People have egos because subconsciously every mind wants to be like the Ultimate ego: The Absolute.

Love and peace alone is not enlightenment, just as foreplay is not climax. Only through the Crown can you experience the Ultimate endless crescendo of consciousness by continuously "peaking" with inspiration.

You cannot be awakened, if there is no you. You cannot find if you are seeking. You cannot be liberated if there is no one to liberate. In this way, being impersonal is not enlightenment because of the inherent contradiction. When your heart is overflowing with love, you realize that you don't want to dissociate yourself from this, your own authenticity.

Champions don't surrender. Winners don't wave a white flag. Resoluteness is a form of Defiance, because only an individual can be the most resolute. There is nothing more resolute than the Absolute.

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Enlightenment with Rishi Atma Bodha