78. Greatness is Humility

20m | Mar 30, 2022

No mind can be a master. Mastery is experiencing the Oneness of the Ultimate all the time. It is a lifestyle. I don't want to act like I'm evading the question, but to even understand Mastery is to understand it is not about being a master over others, but in seeing the greatness in everyone. It is a humble experience. Humility is not measured by heights or lows. In fact, the ultimate humility is a very elevated experience. The difference between humility and arrogance is that a humble person can regard himself as great without seeing himself as greater than the potential in everyone. Arrogance is when you see yourself as above people or better than them. So, for example, if I say that I see greatness in myself, that does not mean that I do not see greatness in others. In fact, the greatest people are those who can.

Freedom From Belief

When you are in the continuous experience of being, there is no need to believe, because direct inspiration negates the need to have any belief.

If you are in the arms of your father, do you need to believe that your father exists?

It is only by being in the realm of all possibilities that the limitations of physical reality can loosen their grip on you.

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Enlightenment with Rishi Atma Bodha