83. The Absolute: The Ultimate Individual

20m | Apr 11, 2022

The Absolute: 

The Ultimate Individual

The Absolute is a unique singularity that is the Best in all things. I call it the Ultimate individual.

When we discover ourselves more deeply, we recognize our connection with the Absolute, which makes us even more of an individual.

It is the best potential for all things and yet it is so unique that it makes each individual not the same but more unique.

For each individual, there is a different flavor of Best, that can only be experienced by that person.

The Best is not just an idea. It is who you are, the Truest version of you.

The Absolute has free will, and those who become liberated also have free will, just like the Absolute. Otherwise it is not liberation.

You can be in harmony with the Absolute while also pursuing excellence (or not) in whatever discipline you choose. For example, is impossible to be a champion of any sport without being an individual.

If you have no ambition and willing to satisfy yourself as being "nothing special" then the philosophy of "no free will" may be a good fit for you.

If however you, feel called inwardly to excel and be a pioneer or champion in a discipline, you literally cannot do these things without acknowledging your individuality.

It is only by removing the limited conceptions of who you think you are that you can truly become limitless.


All roads lead back to Self. It is inevitable. Choice is an illusion.

From my perspective, nothing physical is conscious. What we experience through our senses is just the outer manifestation of consciousness.

The concept of all is nothing means that all physical reality is just the illusory container that life chooses to express itself as. It is one lens.

Free will alone is not liberation unless in endless inspiration.

The Absolute Truth is One. When your mind tapped into it, or rather it is tapped into you, a symbiosis occurs because Bliss is an ocean in which every mind can swim.

There is no compulsion on anyone to feel love and bliss. However, you can't feel love by being disconnected from your own heart. You can't feel inspiration if you are disconnected from the One Living Truth.

True hierarchy is not about crowning some outside force as lord, it is about crowning the best version of yourself. The fact is that the Absolute pervades all. It is a benevolent force that wants to empower and liberate. Why does it do this? Because it is the Ultimate version of you. It is so all-powerful and immutable because it exists always even before the creation of physicality itself. It is the Creator, but deeper than that, it is inescapable because it is the formless You. This vast Ultimate is not the final anything, it is Ultimate because there is nothing better than it, it is incomparable and there is nothing outside of it. It is greater than any mind or entity, no physical being can fully represent it. This is why it is One and yet it can be the truest version of each of us at the same time. The Love itself is an emanation of this Absolute Truth.

To oppose this is to fight your very heart and be against love itself. I have no misunderstandings about this. When you finally "get it" you will realize that there are only two sides to be on. The winning side or the losing side. The only losers are those who stubbornly cling to their delusions and even they will be swept up in the tide that is happening right now.

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