72. The Solution to All Problems and the Truest Dichotomy

19m | Mar 21, 2022

The problem with those who think everything is about love being the solution (love is very important), is that they are only seeing a fraction of what is going on.

Love does not bring equanimity or discernment. The concept of order itself is a deception.

Chaos/order dichotomy is a false dichotomy invented as a deception.

There is only one true dichotomy. It is authenticity vs inauthenticity . Being truly who you are vs being deluded into being a lesser version of yourself.

When you remove the limits holding you back from being your true identity, you have no need for "order", because you are liberated and naturally operate in harmony with the Universe. For such a person, there is no external authority, with exception to whatever local laws exist.

Liberation is freedom also from "order" and "chaos"

In D&D .. they have "lawful good" / "chaotic good" / etc etc... (if liberated you are none of these) Transcending order means that no external concept of order can interfere with who you are or what you do... what you do is naturally legal, however, and does not violate local laws (perhaps with some exceptions)

There is only one True alignment, and that is the alignment that brings you to a fuller experience of your own authenticity, your Truest Self.

Chaos/order in mathematics is one thing.. but even in math, chaos has a kind of order, just look at the beautiful fractals.

If there is order even in chaos then that is a proof, in a way, of its false dichotomy.

Each individual is responsible for their own alignment. The power of your presence has a direct correlation to your proximity with your own authenticity.

In other words, just be yourself.

The problem becomes when something is preventing you from being yourself. For such a situation, certain empowered individuals help clear the space for that to occur. That is the purpose of the "justication for power" piece.

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