84. Sex, Desire and Enlightenment

20m | Apr 11, 2022

External desire is not to be confused with biological impulses such as hunger, wanting to be comfortable physically (not feeling too hot or too cold), wanting to sit down to rest your tired or sore feet, feelings of thirst, etc.

External desire also is not to be confused with having personal preferences in terms of what food you want to eat or what clothing you want to wear or what kind of car or house you want to buy. These are practical considerations that do not necessarily lead you to feeling incomplete or feelings of unsettling desire.

The experience of samadhi happens when the observer feels complete. Any feeling of incompleteness will be an obstacle to liberation. Desire is far from the only motivator, and I see that all vices that common thread of desire entwined within them. Fear is an urgent desire for safety, greed is a desire for money, envy is desire for what someone has, etc etc. This is why I say desire in this context is the chief obstacle of liberation, because when you desire in this way, you feel incomplete. Fortunately there is a solution, as, from my experience, the opposite of desire is love. Employers will often choose employees that would love to work there more than choose employees that merely desire to work there.

Whereas love is an authentic heartfelt motivator, external desire is insincere and alien. The other motivator is to do what you feel inspired to do, the purest form of this is Divine inspiration.


Fortunately, certain liberated and empowered individuals develop a strong field / expanded aura of brilliance that purifies and repels the energy of effortlessly just by their mere presence.

In this fashion, humans can be liberated into a more natural state of doing what they love and feel inspired to do, not out of a feeling of incompleteness, but instead do things as a form of creative expression and wholeness.

Where misunderstandings occur is when people claim that because greed is bad, money also must be bad, which is false. You can love money and accumulate it, free from desire. The key here is to never feel incomplete regardless of if you have money or if you don't (as an example) ..

Also, because sex can evoke desire and a feeling of incompleteness, some have falsely concluded that celibacy is a prerequisite for enlightenment. This also is false. Sex can be a beautiful act motivated by love. You can love sex and engage in it enjoyably, free from the feeling of desire, just by coming from a place of love.

In fact, with true mastery, there are no limits to what you can or cannot do, because nothing external can evoke feelings of desire within you, but only love and inspiration.

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Enlightenment with Rishi Atma Bodha